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Posting Token Marks in chat.

Is there any way to post the image of a particular token mark in chat?  I'd like to be able to post something like "I'm using :blue: to represent XXXX". I feel like it should  be possible, because the TokenMod help seems to manage it fine.  But the only way I can see to do so is to grab the raw images URL via the web browser developers console, copy & resize the image down to something fitting, re-host it somewhere & link it in as an image.  Which is less than ideal, particularly when one of the aims is to be able to swap it for a different token mark quickly if it's clashing with something the GM is using.....
The Aaron
Roll20 Production Team
API Scripter
It's doable with an API script, as you've surmised.  It's harder to do without one.  If you have access to TokenMod in the game in question, you can right click and copy the image in TokenMod's help for the graphic ones (but not the colored spots or the Dead X) and use them with [x](SOMEURL#.png) to show them in chat. If you're writing a script, you can use the functions in libTokenMarkers to get representations in chat for everything easily.
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Hi Kaganis! I can't think of an easier way to do this than what you describe, without resorting to a script. If you game has access to scripts (Pro level creator), then the Condefinitions mod can do this,as can Combat Master.
If you don't need to represent every possible marker, you could use emojis for some of the markers. There are colored circles for all except pink and yellow and you can probably find some that would work for some of the other markers.  Another option would be to create a custom marker set for the game then you would have access to all the graphics and can create a set specific to the game you are playing rather than using the default generic markers.  If you create your own marker set you could even use emojis for the markers then you wouldn't need to access the graphics at all in chat, you could just use the corresponding emoji.
Thanks Guys!  :-)