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[LFP][18+][UTC+0][D&D 5E] Looking for a mature player for Monday evenings game UK time


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Hi, I am looking for a mature (I am not talking about age) player to fill my table, I already have 5 but the 6th dropped for work reasons and I would like to replace him. We are based in the UK and play every Monday evening between 7 and 11 pm. I require a person willing to commit and put aside other things in order to be present during every session, an emergency could happen but in general the campaign should have the priority. Thanks to this attitude, our previous campaign lasted for almost 3 years and a half. The players are collaborative and not murder hobos, they have fun moments followed by others where they need to be serious and aware of the dangers they face. We play the game as if it is a real world taking into account consequences, lore and avoiding metagaming. The game could be sometimes dark and disturbing but usually to communicate something to the party and trigger some reaction, not just for the sake of it. That said, the players should be prepared for it. I would like to have a person in line with all the things explained. I would say the game is 50/50 roleplay and combat, in some case we even had sessions without combats or combat lasting the whole session. The setting is the Forgotten Realms, it is not required to have a deep knowledge about the setting (even though some little idea about what we are talking about it is appreciated) as long as when lore or knowledge is provided it is taken into account. The game runs using Zoom for the video call (it is required to have working microphone and webcam), Roll20 as virtual table of course, and Signal as a messenger to communicate between sessions. Your character starts from level 11, race, class, spells and everything must be from the Player's Handbook and the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide no other books, no multiclass, and with the standard array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8). House rules and equipment will be discussed later on. The game is 18+ and not new player friendly. This is roughly the plot:&nbsp; A cold and bitter winter drives the villagers to the edge of starvation, and numerous horrors strike the town of Bloodstone Pass. Join the adventure as the heroes explore the depths of the ancient bloodstone mines, now inhabited by fearsome demons.&nbsp; There they hope to uncover the fantastic treasures rumored to exist in the unknown darkness. But deep within the mines, all is not what it seems... <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> In case you have any question, please feel free to ask.
Hey I'm interested in joining. Let me know if you're still looking for a replacement.
I PMed you.
I'm interested in playing if there's still room.
I PMed you.
Hello, if you are still looking for a player, I would be interested in joining.
I PMed you.
I'm interested, feel free to mail me if you are still looking! :)
I PMed you.
Hey if you'r still looking for a player, i'm intrested in joining
I PMed you.
Hi there. My discord name is Ralmon and I am interested in talking to you about the game. Time and day is fine with me. So is everything else about the game. I would like to converse with you so we can decide whether or not I am a good fit for the game. Hoping to hear from you.
Hi, I don't check Discord very often, it's probably easier for me if we chat through Roll20. I'm PMing you so we can have a talk.