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Hello ladies


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my campaign is seeking more ladies to join us in playing in a 3.5 campaign. the campaign is a dark world where evil has conquered much of the world, and hero's are a very rare thing in the last age of Aryth. In regular 3.x E D&D campaign worlds characters are often celebrated for having defeated a tribe of orcs or marauding dragon. Here its likely that the PCs would be turned away from the town they just saved, and friends & even family would deny knowing you for fear of persecution for knowing you. Disease, starvation, And ignorance spread across the land as some insidious plague. Racial stereotyping is common. and in areas the "Shadow in the North" has an iron hold on death by beatings at the hands of the orcs is as common as starvation or exposure to harsh weather. As mentioned hero's are rare, And needed more than ever. HAve a look at the campaign listing here, <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... if it looks good just let me know in the recruitment thread located there that you want in. Hope to see you join up. as there are going to be multiple parties there are also multiple play times it should be a rather easy thing to find a party playing at any given time.

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and incase that link doesnt work for you just click on the normal Looking for Group link and in the "Matching Keywords" box just type in Midnight and my campaign should be one of, if not the first game listed,... it will have this icon for the campaign icon
aww come on girls our campaign needs the unique prospective that only you ladies can bring to the table. Besides Aryth needs all the heros it can get to save it from the evil clutches of the night kings and their foul god Izradore. plus its a nice change of pace from standard D20 DnD. its alot different but not too hard to pick up on as the basics are mostly still the same. we could also use another DM. Very soon we will be setting times for our DM Q&A and the Player Q&A. in the DM Q&A we will be making final calls on what rules we will be starting out with, figuring out parties based on availability, and so on. in the Player Q&A we will go over the decisions we made in the DM Q&A and giving the players a chance to meet the DMs as well as setting the times/frequency of our first play sessions. (Right now its looking like we will be playing once every week (possibly every other week)) with different parties playing on Tuesday/thursday/saturday. come join the fun. hope to hear from a few of ya.
Depending on the time i may be able to play
our groups will be playing on various days at various times,.. right now the days are looking to be Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday (a diff group on each day) and the times seem to be later in the evening. it would be better if you could message me with your availability.
were still looking for more girls to join us. were up to 3 in the campaign. come one ladies your views are most welcome here and youll be able to play a hero of legend ,... a ray of light in a shadow filled world.

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and ladies the boys in my campaign would like me to add that you are most welcome to join us as your presence, perspectives, and company during our play sessions will make the game even more enjoyable. So don't be shy and please feel free to use this link to join our Dungeons and dragons game, in the 3.x system. this is a game in a world overrun by a conquering evil that you would be a hero in ,.. a last ray of hope in a darkening world, where hope has all but been extinguished. r

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Hey girls,.. .time is running out to get in on the game at the ground level. Next week i will be holding both our DM Q&A (where the rules set for the campaign will be decided) and the Player Q&A (where players will be able to meet the DMs , ask questions, and voice concerns, as well as pick a party to join). If your considering playing , you need to act soon (especially if your wanting to be a DM as its the starting DMs that will be the ones that have the impact on what rules and alternate systems we will be using). So come on and join us ,.. its going to be a massively great time,... i expect this to be one of those campaigns that people talk about for years after it has come to a close. One of the "Good ol days" kinda games. Also the game is set in the 3.x system and is the MIDNIGHT Campaign setting from Fantasy Flight games. And remember this link is for the campaign advert <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask.
I'm interested
My wife and daughter are interested in joining. What is your policy regarding harassment?
i dont know i just run a game here, you would have to ask the roll20 developers about that, or possibly look into the roll20 terms of service.
This thread is being closed. Advertising for a specific gender to join one's game is something that should only be done with some forethought-- and stating that one doesn't know how they would treat harassment does not show that sort of forethought.