Hello everyone! What I am looking for: Friendly atmosphere, where we can have a good time and encourage each other to try out roleplaying as our characters. I know the most about DnD5e, so I would prefer that system Sessions preferably during the weekdays, but  I can likely work it out with weekends . - Maybe twice a month? Extremely flexible on timing, early or late does not matter A mix of combat and roleplaying so that we can test our skills in both No real preference as to what story to play through so it can be a campaign or a Homebrew (just not Sci-Fi stuff. Not interested) Prefer starting at a lower level to build character (not higher than 3 unless there is a good reason for it) Big fan of the chemistry Critical Role has, they seem to vibe together really well, so it would be nice to have even a fraction of that A little about me: I am a gay guy in my early 30s who speaks fluent English from Norway Some experience with roleplaying/DND, I have a friend group which I have played (5e) a few times but it is very inconsistent and I am interested in playing something on a regular basis and getting to feel the group progress through their shared story as well as their personal ones. Very limited experience with Roll20 besides running through the tutorial I have a very specific idea of a Monk I'd like to play, but I am willing to play just about anything If there is anything you are curious just write me a message and I'll answer as best I can!