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Cowboy Bebop official RPG

Any interest out there in forming a small crew of Bounty Hunters to play the official Cowboy Bebop RPG? I'm in U.S. Eastern time. Please post availability with your response. Ready to earn some Woolongs on some bounties, big shot? Then, 3...2...1, let's jam!
Cant play in your campaign but could you point me in the direction on where I can purchase this rpg? It is in English correct or do I need to know Japanese? thanks
Hi there.&nbsp; It is in English, yes. I purchased it from here:&nbsp; <a href=";_psq=Cowboy+Bebop&amp;_ss=e&amp;_v=1.0" rel="nofollow">;_psq=Cowboy+Bebop&amp;_ss=e&amp;_v=1.0</a> They have great service and very fast shipping.&nbsp; They have all the RPG items for the game there, including the collector's edition book as well.
Would be pretty interested in joining something like this sure! ^^
Any others? How many of you have the game already?
I wouldn't have it myself
I will provide materials to all players and teach the game.
Any others?