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Is there a way to save what you created in roll20???

So what I mean is to save your hard work so after you go through and ruin everything in a campaign, is there a way to revert it to its form when you first made it?  For multiple use purposes.  So you don’t have to reload all hp, Thank you!

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Every time we play, I make a backup of the game so if something goes sideways I can easily restore things to the way things were the last time (I then delete the old backup to prevent clutter on my "Games" page) . The "Copy Game" function is under the "Game Settings"menu on your game's title page. If you have just set up a game, make a copy of it and leave it alone until you're sure that you no longer need it. Also, once you make a backup and only need to retrieve a few specific things from it, you can temporarily upgrade to a Pro subscription to get access to the Transmogrifier, which allows copying content between games that you have created.
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Pro subscription also allows you to roll back to a previous version of the game: The Creator must have a Pro subscription to have access to this feature. Every game on Roll20 is saved between 4 and 6 AM PST. The system keeps the save states for seven days before overwriting them with new ones. Pro users have the ability to roll back their game to any save state available from the past seven days to correct any mistakes made to their game. To commit a rollback, click Roll Back Game. This brings up a dialog box that allows you to choose the date of the save state you would like to roll your game back to. Select the date and click on the pink Rollback button to initiate the rollback process. This may take a minute or two. Once finished, the Game Details Page will prompt you when the rollback has successfully completed. This process cannot be undone. However, you can choose to roll back again to a later save state you have available if you discover you’ve rolled back too far.

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EDIT - I stand corrected from Keithcurtis, I didn't know about that feature (and we posted roughly the same time lol) If looking to have a base copy (or first copy), as Rick A said, I personally copy game before making any changes, rename the copied game to something else, and use the new copy, keeping the old for next time/group. Example: I have Lost Mines of Phandelver (MAIN) which is my main backup, and my Saturday group I copied it and renamed to Lost Mines of Phandelver (Sat) If you are looking to change an existing game to a previous version, or before you did any changes, sadly there is no way except redoing everything from scratch. (unless it is a paid module, in which case just remake the module)
Well this was extremely helpful!  I searched and googled and somehow couldn’t find this simple answer,  thank you all!