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4e DnD Campaign CLOSED

I'd like to run it sometime next week with 4-5 players in two or three sessions with a new group of people (newbs and vets alike) . Light-moderate role play. Text only, no video or voice. Probably a total of 8 hours of gameplay. I live in EST and we'd probably start/end some time around 7pm-11pm. If your interested, message me & post with your availability and I'll be more than happy to send you the scenario synopsis. Guidelines for character creation: level 2 characters created primarily with PHB and PHB 2 stuff. I'll allow as many exceptions to character creation as you'd like, from race to powers, including home-brew stuff, so long as your character isn't centered around a class I don't have access to. If your'e new to 4e, I'd be more than happy to help with character creation or give you a preset. Happy Gaming~
I would be very happy to play. I am available any time next week during 7-11pm, but would prefer Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday! I would be interested in playing a defender character. Probably a human fighter. With that said, you stated primarily PHB and PHB2. Would the Martial Power 1 & 2 books be acceptable? If not, Its cool!
Depending on the night I'd love to play. Wednesday or Thursday is best for me, Tuesday is out. What classes are currently represented, so I can pick a role. I'm leaning toward a Warlord or Warden, but I wouldn't mind trying out a Sorceror.
Currently there is a paladin and then Mike is creating a fighter (probably) so warlord, warden, or sorcerer would be fine additions to the group. I'm not sure yet if the paladin is built as a healer, inspirer, etc. Nevertheless, I have created two prebuilt characters which, if necessary, can tag along with the group as a healer or whatnot.
well with 2 defenders already, Warden is a poor choice. But a Fighter and a Taclord are best bros for life, so that's what I'm gonna roll.
I've been looking to roll an eladrin rogue, if you guys need a striker still. I'm generally free during the times mentioned just about any day, so whatever it lands on will work fine for me.
I'd like to join it seams like we need a controller been thinking about a psion. I'm thinking of hybrid classing too but idk.
Actually I'm making an Invoker
id like to play but i can only play after 10pm PDT i can fit any roll needed