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Dynamic Lighting - One Sided Dynamic Lighting

" As things stand, the line of sight walls for dynamic lighting block sight from both sides. What I think would be a really helpful feature would be the ability to select a direction which the line of sight walls could be seen through. For example, just recently I ran a session where there were multi-tiered sections to the map. People higher up can obviously look down and see the lower floors but the people below can't see the upper floors. The solution I had to use was a combination of the dyanamic lighting with the fog of war. And that became increasingly difficult to pull off as the party separated and explored. So to reiterate, I think it would be a very helpful feature for GM's if they can select if they want the dynamic lighting to allow the players to look through certain line of sight wall from a certain side. " From here: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>...
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+1 This would be a huge benefit for isometric maps . With "normals" on light-blocking lines, we wouldn't have to guess which direction players will come from when they approach a door. We could set up lines which display the same door from both sides, but not beyond.
From the old suggestion forum: Jacquesne J. said: I would use this for objects such as pillars or could have all the "one way" side facing out so the object would be visible to people on the near side but they couldn't see beyond it...and this would be true all the way around the object. Would solve a lot of the "hidden art" problems. Agreed. Putting this around a tree or something would be nice - able to see the pretty art, but not beyond it.
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I think this could/should be rolled into my suggestion here.... <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... please support my idea!
Thanks for bringing my post over to this forum. :)

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I agree with this idea! I don't know how hard it would be to implement, but I just recently made a multi-tiered map as well, and it became a problem that the players could see beyond cliffsides that rose over their line of sight. In addition, I had a player standing a distance from a cliff, and they were able to look down the cliff and see the loot they should have only been able to see if they were right at the cliff edge... Maybe we could have a height layer , that calculated being able to see down the cliff face depending on where the player is standing away from the cliff? I'm not sure how the calculations would work, or if it would be too taxing, but it would be a nice little feature, especially if you could mark where your player's eye level height was on their token to calculate line of sight against. I don't know.
+1 This would be extremely helpful for multi tiered maps and also as it was mentioned to be able to see the art Another solution would be to implement multiple layers for dynamic lighting, with layers above ignoring the others and then just adding an option to tokens to set the level they are in.
+1 Dream Feature. This would be so nice in most of my champagins. This i one of if not the most wanted feature i have.
In addition, I would like to see different types of barriers for dynamic lighting, i.e. have some lines obstructing movement but not vision (a plexi glass wall in a laboratory, or prison cell bars), obstruct vision but not movement (curtains crossing the hallway), and the ones that obstruct both vision and movement such as normal walls. All of these in addition to oneway visual barriers.
This seems to piggy-back on the variable who sees who token idea presented here. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... If one set can see the other, but the other cannot see the prior.
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Modnar, I think the 2 ideas are different, because the current thread is for a Dynamic Lighting feature (only some games use Dynamic Lighting). The other suggestion is for a Token feature. Granted the 2 ideas could be used together.
As stated above I really hope that there are plans to bring some type of options to the type of lines used in dynamic lighting.&nbsp; In my current campaign I am trying to create a prison or caged area that only has bars for walls.&nbsp; Obviously the bars impede movement but they allow for nearly full line of sight.&nbsp; With the current system that the tokens follow, I can place all kinds of rectangle or small circles to simulate the bars.&nbsp; They cast all kinds of great shadows and have neat affect but do not keep the tokens from moving into or out of the areas.&nbsp; I have to rely on the "good will" of my players to stay in their cages.&nbsp; I would rather not rely on their compliance. If a solid line could be used to impede movement but not make it block line of sight - that would be ideal!&nbsp; Please make this happen you awesomely smart programmer people!
+1 absolutely! I can also see a pretty heavy use for this in more sci-fi based games or modern setting games where you have one way glass or force fields that block vision from inside a cell but not from outside.
Bryan K. said: " &nbsp;And that became increasingly difficult to pull off as the party separated and explored. " Never split the party!
One-way walls would really help with elevation!
So 'Gold' can you let us know whether or not this is actively in the works, planned but not in the works or not planned at all?
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This is a good idea actually and as I work on my dynamic lighting. I would love to see a "border line" which allows light to pass but blocks players movements. (Imagine a magical barrier, or a rushing river, or even glass door, or ice wall)
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Xaklyth said: So 'Gold' can you let us know whether or not this is actively in the works, planned but not in the works or not planned at all? Hi Xaklyth. As a member of Roll20&nbsp; Mod Team , I cannot speculate on future development. Only the Roll20 Dev Team can announce features and answer that.&nbsp; The suggestions forum here, with the +1 voting , is our best mechanism as a community to ask for new features. The Devs mark forum threads with a pink "In Progress" icon when it is actively in development, and will mark the thread "Dev Response" if they post a comment or update here.
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+1 this would be amazing. Dynamic lighting can make things really fantastic but as the OP said- things like walls being too high to see over vs standing on the wall looking down would really add to it.&nbsp;
+1 just asked about this mod pointed me this way
+1 Absolute want this feature. Elevations and one-sided see-through walls are things i've been wanting for a long while!
+1 i really need this :) For example Oyaviggaton in the Rise of Tiamat module with all the elevated platforms would be great if looking up would be blocked by the line of sight, but looking down from an elevated area wouldn't
+1 This would be fantastic for multi-level as others have said, or even things like a two-way mirror.
+1, definitely my most wanted feature.
+1, 2 Years on and no word? This would help immersion/gameplay a lot for multi-tiered buildings.
+1, it would be amazing.
+1, would save me a lot of hassle moving/deleting/editing lighting while in-game.
I imagine this in the form of an "Advanced Lighting" tool usable only when on the Dynamic Lighting layer&nbsp; (perhaps in place of the unusable Freehand brush) . Using this tool, you can select an individual line segment, and some "handles" appear around it. I imagine little triangles (or whatever) to indicate which of the two directions light is allowed to pass through, and possibly others to control line of sight and restricted movement separately, but in a similar fashion. In addition to representing elevation, and windows that block movement but not light or vision, I've found myself wishing I could draw lines that block light sources, but don't impede line of sight. Unfortunately, I've discovered that leaving the "Enforce Line of Sight" box unchecked means that no tokens can see anything at all.
Nath "Enforce line of sight" is a beginning step after that you click on token if something has lets say dark vision like an orc in 5e, on the first tab you make sure that the token and In game (roll20) character sheet match (hector is connected to token A who he will be moving) you go to the second tab.called advanced (this is the same box that you edit the tokens three dots in) Emits light is what we are looking at you want then to see a certain amount like dark vision you put 60 in the first box and -5 in the second. then click has sight don't change anything else. This allows players to see what there character would see, If a human lights a torch you change his vision to 40/20 then click the all players see light while the other is available and everyone can see the light he is emitting. ( there are a few videos to help with the dynamic lighting as it can get confusing ) Im going off what i read and understood from you comment. If you have any question i can walk you threw it if you have a skype. pm me. otherwise your other idea of of the triangle would be pretty good but the api is hard to manifest in that way. Making another/different type of line would be beneficial one blocks both like we have its basically a wall another block one side, something like the color box with direction to choose would work for this. You would have to lay more lines yes, but it would be a quick fix. Something like this could be accomplished by a seasoned api maker, not I.
Yes. I understand how to make Dynamic Lighting work as-is, with "Enforce Line-of-Sight" checked. That's fine. What I was saying is that, when I don't check&nbsp;that box, I had assumed that lighting would continue working normally, but walls wouldn't block vision. Instead, each token lives in a void of endless blackness, alone in the universe. ...but I'm getting away from the topic here. Carry on!
I use a lot of hills, cliffs, etc. The high ground always has a tactical advantage. It would be great to allow the people who are "up" to see "down" and the people who are "down" not be able to see "up." This would also work well with seeing through false walls or fake mirrors, etc.
+1 Huge for tiered maps and even some clever puzzles. Would save a lot of time and effort, and open up a ton of doors

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+1 Though this seems a near impossible code to implement, I was just about to suggest the same thing, however I was also thinking about a campaign I did today where the players were at the top of a ravine and could not see the bottom, but would be able to see the other side. One way I thought of being able to do this would be to have different kinds of lines in the dynamic lighting layer, one that allows no sight to pass..... one restricts sight but does not dismiss it...... one that, if you see through that line, then you can see past all lines afterwards (assuming you have the sight range for that, allowing you to climb a cliff and see what was behind oyu as well as what is now in front of you if that makes sense) EX: [Character] Sight||Darkness; PC moves past both lines- Sight||Sight [Character], it's basically the same concept as a 1 sided line but it is 2 different types of lines that might be easier to code...... and one that, you cannot see past one line, but if a second line is after it then you can see past that. EX: [Character] Sight | Darkness | Sight
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Thinking about this, it's probably possible to solve it with the "It's a Trap" script. Put a proximity trigger near the "one way" line which spawns a torch token (controlled by the same player) on the other side of the line.
I like the one-sided lines but some of the other suggestions are getting too complex and would be better solved with using extra layers. &nbsp;I just added&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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+1&nbsp; This is something I'd love to be able to use, both for maps with multiple levels and the like, and for allowing stuff to block light while still letting the players see what's doing the blocking. As awesome as dynamic lighting is, it doesn't always work for certain complex maps, and the way it can inevitably end up hiding a lot of map/token art from the players can be frustrating, and requires some pretty convoluted workarounds.
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Guys, I'm having issues with Dynamic Lighting and need help :(!! One of my players can't see properly, this has happened before, but then fixed itself, however now the problem returned. Can someone please help? His screen is showing a random part of the map which nobody is supposed to see &gt;.&lt;
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Shido that belongs in the help forum, not this one. I'll be happy to help you try and figure it out but this isn't the place. Get on the help forum, post your issue and add in a screen shot of what the player sees, what they are supposed to see, what your dynamic lighting setup looks like and what his character light settings are then a bunch of people will be happy to help
Select the dynamic lightning line and set it to go 2 ways, 1 way and shade it like it is a curtain that reduces light rather than just blocks. So like 50%etc.