Token Handles should resize when zoomed out.

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I run an outdoor campaign where I use a sandbox page with tokens that are geographic features (hills) that I can scale, distort and rotate to quickly (somewhat) create a zoomed-in outdoor scene based on the players' location on a topo map. This works fairly well, except that when the hills tokens are sized to be hills (i.e. much larger than the player tokens), I need to zoom out to manipulate them and the handles are almost invisible because they are so small. Ideally the handles would remain the same size relative to the screen regardless of zoom, making it easy to manipulate tokens that are intended to be large in scale.
I saw a similar post in Suggestions and Ideas that mentions how other things (such as the text in distance measurements) doesn't scale up when zoomed out:
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Indeed. This would be a nice usability improvement. More scaling of GUI / tool features, to match zoom level.
Gold said: Here is another related, but not identical, idea that came up. You may want to read this and consider adding your +1 and comments. Thanks for bringing it up, Gold There should be an option of completely removing re-sizing nodes. Sometimes when I have a custom sized token (that I don't want to have to edit with padding) I accidentally click a node and it re-sizes to fit the grid. Very annoying.
+1 to this, although my issue is in the opposite side of the scale When I re-scale items to be very tiny, the handles completely obscure the token itself, to the point of being difficult to click the right handle because they overlap re-sizable handles would be a plus :)
This would be very helpful!
+1 to this, super useful and needed change!
Poking this thread and adding an upvote to keep it on the first page, even the forum mods agree this is a nice update.
Poking this thread again and leaving the up-vote in place.
+1 and 100% agree with this