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Duplicating Page should copy whole page including all layers

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Roll20 Team
I'm sorry for the delay between postings. This has proven more difficult to implement than we had hoped. The suggestion that we change name of the button if we're not is simple, but I don't want to change the status of this suggestion based on that change. With that, I wanted to ask a question: When you go to duplicate a page, what is your end goal? Are you backing up the creation work? Are you setting a "reversion point?" Are you revisiting the adventure? Do you set up "template" pages that you want to copy and edit for smaller changes? Is it something else entirely?

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Could be all of your suggestions, but mostly templates.  Edit: Please don't try to make this a sophisticated thing. I just want to copy a page as it is with everything on it exactly the same. All images, tokens, dynamic light, fog of war etc. should just copy. As to why should be completely irrelevant, because there are multiple possible reasons. 
I want to copy a page mostly when I am trying to create a new but similar page, and I’d like to take advantage of some amount of the work I’ve already done with regards to page settings, map tiles, dynamic lighting, tokens, etc.  I personally don’t plan to use template pages repeatedly, but I could see how that would be super useful for some people. More rarely it is to make a backup because I or my players are about to mess with it and I want to be able to revert to its previous state.  For this purpose a Page Revert feature would be useful, but that feature would NOT address the majority of the desire for the Page Copy feature to do what most people expect it to. If you could elaborate on which part of an existing page is difficult to copy onto a newly created page, maybe we could tell you whether it would be acceptable to just leave that part out, or help you brainstorm alternatives / work-arounds?
As Danii said, there may be many possible reasons. For me, for instance, is that I want to make a castle with various levels. So after I have made the first level with a lot of work, I want to make the second level exactly as the first, and then just change a few tokens and items. With current copy/paste feature this doesn't work at all, as it messes up all the positions of the tiles (front/back), and it's very difficult to make it match in the page especially when you use a lot of tiles. The re-organization is like hell, and I give up using such method. If you can fully copy the previous work page as you have done it before (an exact copy), it saves a lot of working hours!