First off, for general information about how the Voting System works in the Suggestions forum, please see the FAQ on the Roll20 Wiki: These guidelines (which are in addition to our usual Code of Conduct ) specifically relate to the posting of comments on existing Suggestions. Currently, anyone who is eligible to cast a vote may post a comment on any suggestion. It does not cost votes to post comments. We chose to do this to allow discussion about the Suggestions that were submitted by members on the site. However, we do have some guidelines that should be followed regarding what type of commentary is allowed. Specifically, commentary should be : In favor of the suggestion. If you don't like a suggestion, don't vote for it -- DO NOT post a comment stating how you think a suggestion is unnecessary. Respectful of the original suggestion. Designed to expand upon the original suggestion, not replace it. At the same time, please don't attempt to expand the scope of a suggestion way beyond its original intent (e.g. from "Please add this dice mechanic to support System X" to "Please add dice mechanics for Systems X, Y, Z, and R!" A few things that are specifically NOT allowed (although this is by no means an all-inclusive list): Debate about whether a suggestion can already be achieved via an existing workaround / "good enough" feature. You can post a quick comment letting the suggestion author know about an existing feature that is a good approximation of their suggestion if one exists, but if they don't want to use that workaround then that is fine and you should leave it at that. Debate about the "worthiness" of a suggestion (e.g. "Not enough people play this game to make it worthwhile to do this!") That's what the voting system is for. Any form of calling a suggestion "stupid," "unnecessary," etc. Again, if someone wants to spend their vote on a suggestion that is their prerogative -- if you don't like it, don't vote for it, and certainly don't comment on it. Predictions about the response of the Dev Team or the likelihood that a suggestion will be implemented -- for example, "They will never do this because they hate X system," "They will never do this because it would be too complicated to implement," etc. The only people who know what we can and can't do is us. While the intent here may be good (for example, explaining why a feature is going to take a while to implement), it can lead to a lot of misinformation and confusion, so please leave it to us to respond to a suggestion if we're not able to achieve it. Essentially, if you agree with a suggestion and would like to add your two cents about how it would help you and your players, please feel free to comment. If you are commenting to debate the suggestion's merit or discuss why it will or will not happen, that is not an appropriate use of the comment section in the Suggestions Forum. Violating these guidelines will be considered a violation of the Code of Conduct , with accompanying penalties.