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Add macros to Transmogrifier

Hey Folks, I'm Andrew, and I have taken over for Ashton on the VTT team.  Also, I have some good news for you. We've completed this feature allowing you all to transmogrify macros. Go take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks for taking the time to let us know what we can do to improve Roll20 for you. If you have more thoughts you'd like to share with me directly here is a link to my calendar . You can use it to find the best time for both of us to chat.
Thanks Andrew!
OUTSTANDING!  Many Thanks!
I was setting up a new game today, and went to transmog some macro mules and handouts and to my surprise and delight saw I could transmog the macros as well instead of having to copy and paste them across.  Thank you so much for sorting this out.
Yah! Thank you.
Woot! Kudos and Thanks to the R20 Team!
Finally! Thank you so much, am very glad to have this option now :D 
DMS Creations
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Fantastic!  Thank you for your hard work
I have a round of beer for you. Thank you.
Thank you
Excellent. First printable character sheets and now this. What is next?
Whats a transmorgifier?
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Daniel S.
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SWEET! Thank you!
Much Appreciated!
Thank you!
Awesome thank you!
So nice! Thank you
Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!!
Thanks Andrew
This is amazing! Thanks!
Great job! Glad we got this
Ahhhh finally, so great. I no longer need to manually remake them every time.
Great Job with this!!! This is the type of innovation and ease of use that makes Roll 20 tops for VTT gaming :)
Thank you for your hard work!
Nice! Thank you for adding this feature!
Finally!&nbsp; This is great news.
Critical Tavern
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Thank you so much!&nbsp;
So happy about this. I have way too many macros and the effort in copying them over to the next campaign is offputting.
god thanks i needed it
Any performance plans?
Thanks for the update! I found a good Macro in one of your links and updated it! Check it out. /me attacks ?{Attack Type| LongSwd&amp;Sabre,&nbsp; Dante lunges forward with his swords[[1d20]] [[1d20]]| LongSwd Strike, Dante swings his Long Sword quickly[[1d20]]| LongSwd Disarm, Dante entangles his opponents blade[[1d20]]| Sabre Punch, Dante punches with his Sabre's basket hilt[[1d20]]| Sabre strike, Dante swings with his Sabre[[1d20]] Stilleto strike, Dante attacks with his Stilleto[[1d20]]} theres one for damage too
Heres the second one! ?{Damage Type| LongSwd&amp;Sabre v M, Dante's swords both strike inflicting[[1d8+1d6+9]]HP of Damage| LongSwd&amp;Sabre v L, Dante's swords both strike inflicting[[1d12+1d8+9]]HP of Damage| LongSwd v M, Dante's sword strikes its mark inflicting[[1d8+4]] HP of Damage| LongSwd v L, Dante's sword draws blood inflicting[[1d12+4]]HP of Damage| Sabre v M, Dante's Sabre strikes the enemy inflicting[[1d6+5]]HP of Damage| Sabre v L, Dante's Sabre strikes the enemy inflicting[[1d8+5]]HP of Damage| Hilt Punch, Dante strikes with&nbsp; the hilt inflicting[[ 1d3+4]] HP of Damage}
That's Nice! Is this GM only? Pro only?

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Miguelito said: That's Nice! Is this GM only? Pro only? If it is the Macro you are speaking of, add "/w gm" at the beginning and it is executed solely to the GM. As for the Transmogrifier, it is PRO exclusive and is available per campaign in the Miscellaneous Section of the Settings Menu.
why do I have to click on this link just to get rid of the notification?&nbsp;&nbsp; Where's the DISMISS button for notifications?
ManiacHigh said: why do I have to click on this link just to get rid of the notification?&nbsp;&nbsp; Where's the DISMISS button for notifications? Unfollow this topic.
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Andrew, Your a righteous d00d!
Fantastic news!
That is AWESOME!
Nice one.&nbsp;
Awesome Thanks mate!