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Center map on player token when map first loaded

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Currently, when changing maps, it is difficult to find your token unless the GM shift-pings. The players have to change the zoom or pan around to find their characters. I would suggest adding an option to player controlled tokens to automatically center the map on their token when the map first loads. Since this would only happen when the map first loads, it wouldn't be disruptive at other times. Possibly add a GM option to toggle this feature on or off globally or at the map level.
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What to do if the player controlls more than one token?
I would say just focus on the first one in the list. I bet in most scenarios, if a player controls more than one token, they would be close together anyway. But, even if they aren't, at least the player will have a frame of reference. They probably know where their other tokens are in relation to each other.
I want this! Just spent half an hour on the wiki trying to figure out an easier way to do this, guessing there isn't one? Please consider it!
Yes. This really seems like a major oversight. I am currently playing with some people who aren't all that computer savvy, and my god if it isn't a chore to have them find their pieces when on a large map. The simple ability to focus on a selected player would be just wonderful. You could have different ways of doing it. You could click on their portraits in their video/audio windows, or click the characters character sheet (if they're using more than one character). Seems to me there should also be a lock to character option, so the view is always locked to a specific character if the player wants.
I agree this would be a great feature.  The way a GM can select a token to Ctrl-L and see things from their perspective, so also let GM centre either whole game or that PC's view on that point.
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Currently, our only solution is to move the entire party to a given position on the screen. It would really help if the player and/or the GM could mark a token a the main token for that player, and the player could in one click or keyboard shortcut center the map on that token. I tend to use teleport to deal with stairs, so that would be a great help. In addition, that would help with the awkward way players have to scroll their maps to follow their tokens.
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I haven't found any alternative to deal with that issue. I'm starting a new game with a beginner, and it really makes life difficult on big maps with fog of war.
This would be very useful for play by post type games.  Even if a character controls more than one token- often the party is all together, so centering on any one of them is better than just the pure darkness players are confronted with if they load into a dark map with no token nearby.
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+1 or a GM\MAP token that centers the map for everyone on this one specific token. Either way it needs to be an option at the map level for the GM to turn on\off..
It might be better to make this a little more feature rich? How about a button that takes your screen to a token you control (cycles through all tokens you control if you have more than one) that you can use any-time?
Upvoting this, this is especially useful on large maps. It will avoid a lot of player complaints over "where am I" on your large maps.
Wow! Yes, this would be incredible
+1 This would be very useful. Very. Useful.
YES! Really not sure why this isn't a thing already!
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This would be very helpful and would make it so much easier on the GM and the players. Why is this still a request option 4 years later? 
Should already be in the application.
This still hasn't happened yet?
+1 !
While having each players view center on their primary character token on page switch, I'd even be happy with a "starting point" marker, where the map focuses everyone's view on initial map load. Generally when switching maps most of the time the whole group is going down the same set of stairs or ladder or whatever, so they end up in the same starting point on the new map anyway. Once a map is in play, the GM can move the "starting point" marker to wherever the party left off. I see this functionality exists in the turn tracker, when switching to the next creature in the turn tracker, the map auto centers and pings the token - though this might have been added with VTT, regardless, the functionality exists, and works great in the turn tracker - just need it for map switch.
Came here hoping this was fixed by now. This would be an incredibly helpful feature.
Okay, I'm not sure I understand the options everyone else is looking to do, but I would like a feature where a Player could click on their token in the Journal page, have this as a menu item, and center on that character.  This would be awesome for both Players and GMs, and using the Journal links allows Players running multiple characters (regardless of race or animal) to switch between them readily. Alright, Roll 20... are you working to figure this out, yet?  Pretty please with a cherry on top.
Could this be expanded into two options? Either it centers on players token (default) or it centers on a spot that the GM determines.
+1 for pre determined point on load. 
Jens F. said: Could this be expanded into two options? Either it centers on players token (default) or it centers on a spot that the GM determines. +1 to this
I'm not in favor for this to be the default. Many times,the set up I have has players see their resource tokens first, which I place in the upper left so they will find it immediately. It would be a problem if everyone would just immediately center on their token, just to have to scroll back to the resources to then not find the token again.