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Spotify integration for the Jukebox

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Would this be possible? It'd be very, very nice to have Spotify's expansive library of commercial music available on Roll20. Heck, I'll even put up their ads if I have to.

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If anyone (user or dev) wants to see a live website that has a form of Spotify integration, Last.FM has it. Example link on Last FM (has embedded Spotify and embedded youtube), <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... I am not sure if you need Spotify app installed on your computer for the Play button to appear on that link. I've got Spotify so it pops up right away and lets me play the linked song with my spotify but appears in an embedded section of the Last FM page.
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Today I have identified 10 Suggestions related to Sounds on Roll20, and created an Index of them. PeppersGhost, I think that your suggestion would gain more collective voting power by adding your Comment and your Vote on this existing Suggestion thread, because your idea is directly related and we can gain more traction by voting together and listing your Spotify ideas alongside some of the other requested sound services in this thread: "Alternatives to Soundcloud" suggestion, <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... Please check out the link and re-state your comment from above, on there, if you agree. Happy adventuring and may it be full of sounds!
Suggestions and questions regarding sounds on roll 20: 1. what about the ability to stream Pandora through Roll20, I have created very specific playlist for gaming on pandora? 2. &nbsp;is there a way to play music I have purchased onto a platform that I could play. I have an extensive library of music I like to play 3. what about linking to music on you tube?
Did anything ever happen with this?
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For those who use Discord voice app alongside your Roll20 gaming --- today Discord added their Spotify integration and now you can listen to a song together with your group via discord:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>...
Similarly, if you are using Zoom, you can go to advanced screen sharing and share only your computer sound.&nbsp; Then just play spotify on your desktop.
Spotify have introduced a share playlist feature, which might be useful. I was looking for a way to get Spotify shared with my group and found this. I could do it through discord but I know it requires group members to have Spotify premium accounts as well. I haven't tested yet whether this works with other users who aren't premium though, but will update when I test this. Spotify stream playlist together at the same time. &nbsp;
Gonna Dig up this 7 year old grave to say, this really should be possible now. Spotify/Pandora linking to the Jukebox would make music collection so much easier.
Agreed (though I use YTM).&nbsp; TheInkubus said: Gonna Dig up this 7 year old grave to say, this really should be possible now. Spotify/Pandora linking to the Jukebox would make music collection so much easier.
+1 for Spotify integration in particular
Definitely a + 1 for Spotify.
Anyone know when this will be possible? I'm surprised it has been talked about for 7 years and nothing has been done.
Upvote for this idea! An integration of spotify would be great.
Yes please music is a nightmare using zoom
I’m really surprised this and similar sound options haven’t crawled their way higher by now. The existing jukebox is horribly clunky. Any way to incorporate Syrinscape or Spotify or any other streaming platform would make everything so much easier to organize and create playlists. Battlebards etc just ain’t cutting it and having to purchase and download music locally is antiquated at this point. We all know whatever Wizards is cooking up with DDB is going to have this covered.&nbsp;
Came here to say the same thing everyone has been saying. Can we please integrate Spotify?!
May I be popular too? I also want spotify integration...
Yep, keen for this too. Gonna have some hags, who know and share knowledge some hags on our plane of existence, play dnb at a royal party.
Definitely a +1 from me for Spotify integration too
I'd pay for Roll20 if they had a Spotify integration. Such a shame this isn't in place!
+1 for spotify integration!&nbsp;
+1 for Spotify integration! Would make my DM'ing life so much easier!!!
Another for Spotify intergration
+1 for Spotify
+1 for a Spotify integration
+1 for Spotify inclusion
+1 for this.&nbsp;
+1 spotify.&nbsp;
+1 spotify integration!
+1 spotify integration even if it was a plus feature
+1 for Spotify integration!
or, in truth any "player" is realy nice
Yes, any player will do - the current jukebox is SADLY lacking.
+1 for the Spotify&nbsp;
Spotify please!