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Uploads not working.

Detailed Description of the Problem So, I try to upload a Scanned Picture to roll20 to use for the building of maps but it doesn't finish the upload. It gets stuck about 70-80 percent through. I'm not sure what is going on that would cause this. I checked to see if it would put me over my Upload Limit and it doesn't. Checked to see if the File size was too big and made a Smaller copy. Smaller Copy doesn't work either. Steps to Reproduce the Problem Not sure how it happened but I repeatedly tried the same files, and they never finish uploading each time. Description of Your Setup (Browser + Version, Operating System, etc.) (A good place to get that info if you don't know it: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> ) Most recent FireFox(33.1), Windows 7 Home Premium, 6GB of RAM. So, help me Roll20 Community. You are my Only Hope! Andrew

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Pat S.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
Hello Andrew, you say you made sure it is less than 5 megs in size. What type of format is it? Jpg or Png? If it is just a map then you want to use the jpg format. It has been mentioned that even if it is smaller than the limit, large maps might load better if they are cut into sections (these are usually humongous maps like 4800x4800 or such) but moving on to figuring out what is going on. if you have not done so, read and follow the steps on this page: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> If you do all of those steps one at a time (step 2 should include your antivirus to be sure) Next is to give us a screen shot of the whole browser when it doesn't load. If we are to this point then try a different browser. This step is usually just temporary to get you up and loading while your problem is being looked at still. Let us know if none of this helps.
What type of file is it and what were the precise file sizes of both the bigger and smaller versions?
Okay. the Smallest File is 140 KB. the biggest is 152 KB. Those are the "Smaller" versions which are Jpg. Gonna see if my Antivirus is doing something to this. Andrew
So, just downloaded a few different Web Browsers, and Opera seems to work for uploading so far. Andrew