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Allow tokens to have separate values for their sight and sight visible by others

I have a party that is a pretty good mix of people who have dark vision, low light vision and regular vision. Some of them carry torches, others don't. Grouping a torch token to the player token doesn't work very well and I've had some issues trying to use the carry API script. Can we set it up so that the "Has sight" feature also has a distance on it for how far they can see, but that light is only provided to that token? Then the emit's light can be for everyone to see?
The Aaron
Roll20 Production Team
API Scripter
Hi Joe, I recently added a flicker light to my torch script (!flicker-on). It works with a second invisible token and should be better than the carry script. You can then use !torch for darkvision or lowlight vision. Might help in the interim.
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