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Allow more text based commands.

One of my biggest dislikes about Roll20 is that I can't use text based commands to automate some features. As a gm I'd love to see a /target command that allowed me to target a token. I'd also love to see text commands to activate macros on their own. I know that there are ways to do this via the API, but I think that this feature would really make the VTT a better experience for most players. I'd really love to be able to have a macro that targeted my players tokens individually, rolled initiative and sent the score to the tracker. Additionally I'd love to see a feature to add a custom token to the turn tracker with a round calculation attached. As a GM this would allow me to set up a macro like /AddTurn Buff_Name|-1|@{Wizard_Name|CasterLevel} that I could push for my players buffs. If I had a haste macro that added a buff to the turn tracker with a -1 round counter and started with a value that I could link to a variable on a character sheet that would be legit. If I could make one of those for all of my players common buffs I would save probably 10 minutes a session of having to set the individual buffs up.
??? i might be misunderstanding what you are asking for, but it sounds like most of what you want to do is already possible.... you can already use macros from the chat box with #macroname depending on what you want to target a token for you can use @[target|somethingelse} as part of your formula to pull an attribute or %{target|abilityname} for an ability, from a token with a character sheet, but you would still have to click the token with your mouse. if you want to use an attribute or ability from a character without using the mouse you can use @{charactername|attributename} or %{charactername|abilityname} to use the data from the attribute or ability. you can do the tracker thing 1 at a time with the @{selected} and &{tracker} variables in a macro, but you do have to select the token first. I do think it would be interesting to be able to add things to the turn tracker with calculations attached from a macro or similar command. My apologies if I missunderstood what you mean.

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Yeah, I guess I wasn't clear. I want to not have to click on a token to be able to use a macro. I want to have a macro that selects a token, rolls for initiative, sends it to the tracker, selects a second token, rolls for initiative, sends it to the tracker, and so on. We need a /target command.
The Aaron
Roll20 Production Team
API Scripter
In the interim, we could probably write a !target command that does what you're asking for in the API.
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