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Grant character sheets access to character avatar

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There are a large number of paper character sheets with space to draw a picture of your character. Roll20 characters have an avatar, but there is no means to include that avatar in the character sheet tab! We can already include the character's name using @{character_name} in an input. In fact, if the input is editable, the player can change the character name and have that change reflected in the journal (an action that was not previously available to players, IIRC.) I propose the addition of something like @{character_avatar} which will contain the URL for the avatar of the character. Importantly, this pseudo-attribute needs to be available outside input values. This would permit a character sheet to include something like: <div class="sheet-avatar" style="background-image: url(@{character_avatar})"></div> div.sheet-avatar { width: 300px; height: 400px; background-size: contain; background-position: center; background-repeat: no-repeat; } That would display the character's avatar as large as possible without any clipping in a 300x400 block, with no repeating and centered along its shorter axis.

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Up. This is pretty relevant and I agree
+1  That would be very cool.
Requested a long time ago, but, just came searching for that. +1, good idea.
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It would be cool if the Bio & Info tab could be added as well...Especially since editing that from within the character sheet itself would be so much easier than the current process...