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Add a "seen by" drop down to Tokens.

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In addition to the controlled by and such add a dropdown like the handouts use of "can be seen by" for players on tokens. Not sure how much work of the engine that would take to create as it may change the way the tabletop is drawn. Maybe a simple "if 'can see', show token image, if not show a default of a 1x1 transparent token (basically invisible to them)" But for powers like see invisible, or perception checks it would be an immense help if say only players X,Y,Z could see said token.

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UPDATE: The current thread has the most votes, out of all the related-matching threads Re: Token visibility settings (for invisible and hidden characters, etc). Here is another suggestion thread that came up, seems similar in asking for Visible/Invisible tokens and graphics,
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This would be very useful! I was actually looking around for some way to pull this off using current Roll20 technology, but it seems like the only work-around to do this is to have a separate, but nearly identical map for the players that can see the "invisible" token. However, this involves syncing up all the tokens on both maps, takes up more storage, and becomes a combinatoric nightmare if there are several different kinds of "invisibilities" to account for, each of which can only be seen by certain players. :/

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Here are some similar suggestions I identified on the current Roll20 Suggestions forum vote. If you like them, lend them a +1 vote too. IMPORTANT NOTE: The current thread has the most votes, out of all the matching/related thread topics. Voting for this current thread is giving the greatest visibility and numbers to the +1's. Index of some Suggestions regarding Layers and Invisibility Could we have a Stealth layer in addition to the GM Layer that will only show the token to the player who has a high enough Perception roll to see it? Invisible Layer Only Player or GM can see Multi-Layer Maps & Line of Sight New Layer Visibility Setting for all assets: Configure which players can see an asset (Stealth, Hallucinations, Perception, etc) Visible/Invisible Tokens and Objects Visible/Invisible to Specific Players Add a "seen by" drop down to Tokens. (the current thread)
I would LOVE to see something like this. When I DM it would be awesome to be able to let only some characters/players see something through effects like perception or see invisibility. As a player, right now in 5e D&D my character is going to get a familiar that stays invisible (through warlock.) For RP puposes it would be nice if the other players didn't know about it until they find out on their own, but still allow player control and vision of/through the token. DM is in favor, but we can't figure out a good way to make it happen as Roll20 is currently.

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This is such a common feature for so many games that I think it fits within the system agnostic principles of Looks like this is the one with the most votes, so I delted mine and put my votes here. Actually I went ahead and voted for all of them in case another one gets the atention.
This would be great for strategy board games where each player could keep tokens on the map with numbers of forces. Or something like seen only by controller.
This would be an incredible addition.
THIIS!! +1
This thread got buried over numerous other suggestions throughout the past year, but this is still something that would be a great help if added.
I'm guessing this is a Canvas request?
Seriously Dev's, please do this! This would be such a good way of setting up suprise rounds of combat and great for RP development!
I would love everyone involved in this for a very very long time.
This idea sounds great!
This would be enormously helpful. We deal with situations like player invisibility almost every single session. I have to put the token on the gm layer, whisper his location to the player, he whispers where he is moving, I move his token, etc. And I constantly have to switch layers doing this. Please implement this.
I use the !bump script to do this But I have the same issue everyone else has... I as GM, have to move token via whisper for movement. but if the PC ping's his location or new location....other PC's see this... even if they are trying to use the ruler to determine movement...all players see this...and know OoC that it is happening...:( +1
Chris L.
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Lots of necros and no solution yet in sight, so I don't feel terrible about adding something here.   The feature as envisioned in this thread would have substantially broader applications than some other suggestions or jury-rigs. Most of the other solutions, such as auras/invisible tokens or Bump, are focused on allowing one player to position, if not see, a token they control. A "seen by" list would allow me to approach my current problem, which is to allow all but one player to see a card or token (not its position, but its contents), while leaving the last blind to the contents. I could rig something up with dynamic lighting or advanced fog of war, but that would leave the "blind" player with an ugly black or grayed-out square on the board, which is undesirable.
I'd like to bump this as also a cheap way to add another "layer" to the game without adding another layer... for treetops, roofs, etc... players that are not "inside" the building can't see the interior, or players going inside no longer see the "roof" - I do this some already with tokens, but being able to do this with elements on the map layer would also be insanely useful. 
Actually, this would be great for things like "breaking an illusion". Toggle the "real" item to be seen only by the person who has truesight or beat the Investigation check to see the truth.
Why is this still not a thing!
I totally need this for my campaign, it would be great! Any sign from the devs?
I want this for my campaign! There's always someone who can see the traps, so you have to make it visible for them, but no matter how honest the rest of your players say they're going to be when you let them see the traps in squares on the ground, they always just *happen* to find a path of travel that avoids them.
FYI, Roll20 posted a "not this time!" response to my thread here: Why they replied to my thread, which is a ghost town, instead of this thread, which is mentioned in the one reply to that thread and which I endorsed in my own reply, I'm not entirely sure.