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Add a "seen by" drop down to Tokens.

Score + 375
For what I'm doing at the moment, seen by player would be sufficient. Either way, +1, yes please!
Can't speak for others, but for what I am trying to accomplish a 'seen by player' option would be perfect. I've just been looking for a way to have invisible tokens that certain players can see if they have Magical Glasses of Seeing Invisible Things or are wearing infrared goggles or whatever.
A 'seen by player' would be perfect for what led me to see if this could be done. +1
+1 to keep a map, token or object on the same layer, but visible or not for the players/other players. That would ease manipulation between layers and increase the pacing of games. Better experience at the end.
YES, oh my gosh please yes. I've been scouring forums for ways to manage having an invisible monster when one member has blindsight, see invisibility, true sight, etc. This would make that so much simpler. This is one area in which using a VTT could actually have an advantage over traditional TT.
Seen by player is sufficient.
You've certainly got my vote for this idea!
I know this is thread is ancient, but I absolutely support the idea of having selective vision on tokens. It would be a gamechanger compared to a physical tabletop.
This would be great for horror games.
We really need this feature!
I have to date used three different, incredibly elaborate systems to accomplish this effect for various games. Separate maps, fog of war shenanigans, rollable tokens with a transparent starting image... And none of it works quite like I'd want it to. Just having token options for visibility would be insanely useful.
Yes, please, to this feature! I was looking for a way to have locations on my world map only visible to the players who know of the place. But reading through the thread this could give so many new possibilities!
Just back to check in after a year. REALLY need this feature. I have a lot of players dealing with madness right now and having to jump through hoops to keep the immersion for the PCs can be a pain. This would solve sooooooooooo many situations! Would be a small but MASSIVE addition to the game. Would love to see it put in soon. <3 :D
I'm with this right here. I would really love to be able to make things seen for only some players, or even only one. I had a character in Curse of Strahd who was having hallucinations, and it breaks the immersion and effectiveness of having this kind of madness get broken when other players could be like "Is that a monster?" I had another player who had a chicken ghost following him. Would have loved to have made that just for him.
+1 for Stealth/Invisibility Layer or a "Seen By" token tag to better manage Invisibility.&nbsp;&nbsp; Player/NPC Tokens tagged as "Invisible" (or on an Invisible Layer) can only be seen by Tokens with "See Invisible" in their Vision settings. Ideally dithered out so that they know they are seeing something Invisible. Love this idea.&nbsp; Having to use multi-sided tokens for Players and moving invisible NPCs to the gmlayer along with using the Radar API to "See Invisible" is a clunky workaround. Gold said: Here are some similar suggestions I identified on the current Roll20 Suggestions forum vote. If you like them, lend them a +1 vote too. IMPORTANT NOTE: The current thread has the most votes, out of all the matching/related thread topics. Voting for this current thread is giving the greatest visibility and numbers to the +1's. Index of some Suggestions regarding Layers and Invisibility Could we have a Stealth layer in addition to the GM Layer that will only show the token to the player who has a high enough Perception roll to see it? <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... Invisible Layer Only Player or GM can see <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... Multi-Layer Maps &amp; Line of Sight <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... New Layer <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... Visibility Setting for all assets: Configure which players can see an asset (Stealth, Hallucinations, Perception, etc) <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... Visible/Invisible Tokens and Objects <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... Visible/Invisible to Specific Players <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... Add a "seen by" drop down to Tokens. (the current thread) <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>...
+1 on the "Seen By" tag on the token.&nbsp; An "Invisiblity layer" may work, BUT if you have multiple characters/tokens invisible, they would see each other.&nbsp; The "Seen By" would be easier to manage IMO, and could work similarly to allowing the others to see the "bars" at the top of the tokens now.&nbsp; Remember, if the characters cannot see the "invisible" token, the "movement line" (hitting the Q while moving a token) must not be seen either.&nbsp;
+1 on the "Seen By" tag on the token.
This does seem like quite a neat idea.
+1 for "Seen By" token setting please!
+1 for the "Seen By" token setting
+1 for this feature. and i will remove my post about this.
+1 for this feature. Why has this thing that has been discussed by so many for 8 FREAKING YEARS not been done yet??
+1 for this feature although given its been 8 years I doubt it will ever happen
+1 for "Seen by"
+1 for "Seen by". This would be perfect as another visibility tool, especially now that one-way Dynamic Lighting and Windows/Doors are a thing
+1 You mean I don't have to use game time to check confirm what players could/should see things with their passive perception, seeing invisibility, etc? I could just mark the tokens during my prep!? YASSS
Forum Champion
Even tho I have API Mods, PRO, GM Layer, other ways of workarounds to accomplish something like this... I still have Players asking for this ability fairly often. This really will be useful +1
Definitely +1 - would make inivisibility &amp; stealth much easier.
+1 I've been waiting for this feature for years. Devs, I know you've been focusing on lighting to keep up with the competition for virtual tabletops. If you want to stay relevant in the increasingly competitive market, you need this ASAP.
I'd like to +1 this eight years after the OP.&nbsp; I have a slightly different use for the feature - I have custom counter tokens I use that I would like to have visible on the map to all players, ignoring line-of-sight and dynamic lighting.&nbsp; I'd like to always put them in the same place - like the upper left corner of the map - so players can find and see them, without cluttering up where the actual character tokens and "action" is...but currently the upper left corner of the page is always blocked by line-of-sight.
+1 this can also be implemented for illusions or tricks of perception.