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Unknown sources


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Hey everyone, Who can tell me where this guy's scripts are from? Are they on the forum already? <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> These include an initiative tracker, a magic-effect cone/burst image template spawner and a card manager. Rollers (including a blindroll), Crit/Fumble generator, Torch functionality, Loot System, Currency Exchange and some utility functions like IsGM. Are these multiple scripts from different authors he just combined or did he make 'em and are there forum posts related to the different functions? Julix
Tracked down Villadelfia and found him! It's Randy T. and he did in fact write some of those codes himself. Also told me a great story about why Zen Archers probably shouldn't be given full BAB as a house rule (unlike some other monks perhaps) - cause it ends with someone zapping 7 Arrows in a round into a dragon they were supposed to run from - and kill it with some help of the party in a single round... haha! Players. Anyways, great guy, creative problem solver. :)