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New Update 5/14: New Card Features, API Improvements

Riley D.
Roll20 Team
There's a new update out today on the Main server for everyone! New Card Features We've gone back and re-thought the way that hands work, added additional settings to give you more control over how cards are played to the tabletop, and added a discard pile. Here's the full list: We've re-worked the way that the hands system works. Now instead of having a separate "hand" for each deck of cards, you have one hand per player. When you open that hand, you can view all the cards from all decks together, or you can view the cards organized by deck. Should make it easier to quickly switch back and forth and see what cards you're holding.  There are now many new options when setting up the Deck. You can specify if the cards go to the tabletop face up or face down by default, who can see the cards in player's hands, what the size of the cards should be when they are played to the tabletop, and more. You can now enable a "Discard Pile" for the deck. There are several different modes to choose from, which let you see the cards in the pile to choose one, or to just draw the oldest/newest card in the pile. Enable the discard pile in the Deck settings. If you Shift+Click on the next card of a deck, that will now immediately draw the card to your hand (no need to drag and drop it). In addition there's now a "Draw" link that players can use to draw multiple cards out of a deck at once into their hand. The GM has the Deal command with more options to deal multiple cards to one or multiple players simultaneously. It's now impossible to delete the default Playing Cards deck (most people did this by accident, not intentionally). API Improvements There's been a number of new API improvements over the past couple of weeks. You can read about them in these threads on the API forum: API Update: State Object Persistence API Update: Create New Objects In addition, many of the Mentors are starting to create and share their API Scripts in the API Forum, so if you're curious to see what the API can do, check it out! And of course in addition to the new features, there's a smattering of bug fixes, including abilities saving when you press Save Changes even when you were editing them, fixing Handout image editing via drag and drop, and more. Enjoy!
Awesome additions for the cards.   About the only thing I'd add is the ability to instead of having to upload cards again and again if there are more than one of a type, to have a "count" for each card.   IE, an example of this with regular cards would be a Pinochle deck, which is really two Euchre decks (so, you need to have 2 of every suited card from 9 thru A).  Right now to accomplish that I believe, I'd have to save all of the card graphics, and repost them to make new cards in a deck. But, I could see this as important with other more "Gaming" type of games as well, where you have 5-10 of a certain "type" of card... unless I am missing something right now, you'd have to upload that same element 5 times to make 5 cards that all have an "Attack" logo on it for example?
I agree Dave, though I haven't played with it for a while, we were looking at R20 as a place to play test and develop a card game we're building. (aka, like a Munchkin style game, but not.)  The act of loading up a bunch of custom cards was going to be prohibitive.  Perhaps that's something we can attack via the API later, but we got sidetracked and haven't messed with it in a while.
How do you use the discard pile?  There is no option to discard cards when you right click on them.
I too am looking forward to being able to upload multiple cards at once. I am working on a game and could only upload samples of decks because it was to cumbersome.
Riley D.
Roll20 Team
Somnus said: How do you use the discard pile?  There is no option to discard cards when you right click on them. If a card is drawn and then not played or dealt to a player's hand, or once a card is deleted from the tabletop, it is automatically added to the  discard pile. There's no "discard" command that you have to use.
Riley D. said: Somnus said: How do you use the discard pile?  There is no option to discard cards when you right click on them. If a card is drawn and then not played or dealt to a player's hand, or once a card is deleted from the tabletop, it is automatically added to the  discard pile. There's no "discard" command that you have to use. Ah, ok, I had thought it would show a visible discard pile next to the deck which it is not currently doing for me with a custom deck I created.
Great additions. The discard pile seems to work as advertised with decks of unique cards. However, with an infinite deck of all identical cards, such as for counters, the copies of the counter do not seem to go to the discard pile. It seems that all cards must be recalled in order for one copy of the counter to show up in the discard pile.
I believe the expression I'm searching for is, "YAAAAAAAAAAY!". I might even add in a kermit arm-flail.
Sheet Author
Compendium Curator
This sounds great.  This may be something for the Suggestions forum, it easier to add cards to the Initiative tracker?  It seems I can only get that work of I'm drawing directly from the card pile - I can't seem to do it from my hand or a player's hand.
Yeah, the discard pile in infinite decks should also be infinite.
Another thing, which I would call it just about a "bug" with the discard pile.... if you are leaving the discard pile window open, when you delete cards they do not show up in the discard window.... you have to close and reopen the window to see them.    Another comment now that I see the discard window there.... although you have the option for "draw newest" or "draw oldest" discard, usually in a game you can still see the "top card" on a discard pile, which you don't now if you choose one of those options... that should be some sort of option as well.   Honestly to me, I'd rather have seen the discard pile be implemented within the existing card deck window, as a "pile" next to the deck of cards, that you can interact with in slightly different ways than the main deck (take a card, shuffle, move back to main deck, etc)
Forum Champion
Dave C. are you using the delete command from the menu or the delete key?  - Gauss
Right clicking and choosing "delete".  If I use the delete key (which I didn't know could be done til now), it does update right away to the pile. One more thing which would be nice, is being able to discard directly from your hand, instead of having to drag to the table, and then "delete/discard".
Forum Champion
The delete option not working correctly has been reported as a bug. Just a note, it is going to the discard deck, it is just not updating properly. Once you take another card action the card appears.  - Gauss