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Improv GMing — technique and pointers from 'Fear the Boot'

KS Backer
The latest episode of "Fear the Boot" has a lot of very good material on running RPGs as improvised , collaborative storytelling: which is what I like to do. I'm sure most RPGers will find it of interest, and anyone who is trying to get character-players more involved and/or GM with less effort will find it of great interest. Listen to this podcast to discover why I place such extreme emphasis on quick set-up and ease-of-use for Roll20.
Downloaded, will have to give that a listen in the morning. Given that I play a lot of story games, I'd like to hear their take on it. Many of them use funky mechanics and I try to keep an eye out on how to do those online. -- TAZ
Kristin C.
Roll20 Team
I only just started listening to podcasts a week ago. I randomly stumbled into The Secret Cabal which then led me to Fear the Boot. There stuff is really entertaining and the topics are chock full of great advice!
I just listened to it and will definitely be listening to more of these. I will say that it does tend to drop into hard to follow babbling a few times, presumably due to alcohol consumption lol.
Tommy R.
KS Backer
Ellmo, they ramble in all of their episodes ... I would say 50% of it is useful information and some that is VERY useful.