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GM option to expose character sheets to other players

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Right now, there is only one way to view a character sheet: if you have control over that character. In some games (I'm thinking particularly of FATE) the GM may be perfectly fine with allowing anyone to view a sheet, but not fine with allowing them to edit one. It should be possible to, if the character is visible to a player, allow the character sheet to be locked but visible to the player.
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+1. I'm a GM in regular-old-D&D and I want all my Players to be able to see each other's character sheets. It's normal at the physical game table to see your friends' character sheets. Just so you know, right now, if you set the character In Player's Journals to "All Players" then other players are able to see the Bio & Info tab of other players. This allows you so share/show the character's portrait, and whatever text is typed onto the Bio tab. In the old days of Roll20 this tab was your character sheet, before they introduced the Character Sheet tab. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... Unfortunately they still can't see the actual Character Sheet tab , which this Suggestion is regarding, and I concur. That tab contains all the stats, health, scores, and so on. For some games this information needs to be shared. Best would be to allow the GM to decide whether to share it or hide it. For now, any information that needs to be shared for your game, type that info on the Bio tab instead of the Character Sheet, and share the visibility of that to "All Players."
+1 here, too; for the Dresden Files RPG, it just doesn't make sense for e.g. the City sheet to not be visible to players, since they help create the city they're playing in. As it is, I'm temporarily allowing full access to players so they can see and edit it, but after the campaign officially begins I'm going to have to mirror the sheet to a wiki so that they can see it without changes going unnoticed.
Another +1 here. This feature is essential for Fate!
+1. &nbsp;This would also enable players being able to use a macro that uses a variable from another character they don't control. &nbsp;I want to give my players a macro that displays the party's HP so we can eliminate as much meta discussion as possible, but I do not want to give free access to editing everyone's sheets.
This topic has come up more than once in Burning Wheel games where sharing of Beliefs, Instinct and Traits as well as other information is very necessary. &nbsp;The free for all, zero editing oversight is by no means a great solution. &nbsp;An additional read only option would allow for significant ease in using the character sheets compared to other current workarounds.
+1, doubleplusgood feature!&nbsp; Very sad this isn't a priority---as so many have said, it's an absolute must for FATE, which is steamrolling onto tabletops (digital and otherwise) all over the place.&nbsp; There are hacky work-arounds, but FATE at its core is a collaborative process where a great deal of information is shared among the players; not being able to reveal character sheets in this way feels "weird" to FATE players.
+1, This would be invaluable to a lot of games, I know it'd be of great use in my Dark Heresy games.
+1 here too. This limitation has kept my group from using Character Sheets entirely, since we play a lot of Fate, Cortex Plus, and other cooperative narrative games like that. When we use more traditional games, we tend to have at least one player who is totally new, and it'd help a lot for whoever it is to see how the system veterans are putting together their numbers. Adding a "Can view character sheet:" option would be immensely helpful to us, and allow us to actually use the functionality.

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Agreed! I've tended towards a full access free-for-all in my FATE games and, while I have yet to see any major incidents, it does bring up occasional issues where one of my players claims that their sheet was edited and I have to dig around and verify things. It would be very nice to have a method that ensured read only access to the character sheet. Edit: For now, a decent work around is to periodically clone your campaign so you can tell what changes have happened.

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+8 My gaming group would like this.
Are you sure? There is an option that the GM can set, that "shows in X players journals"...&nbsp; You can't control unless there is also edit-permissions given, but you can *see* a sheet even if you have no control over it.&nbsp;
Sabrina A. said: Are you sure? There is an option that the GM can set, that "shows in X players journals"...&nbsp; You can't control unless there is also edit-permissions given, but you can *see* a sheet even if you have no control over it.&nbsp; That option doesn't show the character sheet to the other players. Just the Bio & Info tab.
Eric D.
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+1 we are running into this in our Blades in the Darkness campaign. There are several sheets that only the DM should manage but the players need to see. We aren't worried about people cheating but with no revision history on the sheet it is way too easy for someone to make a mistake and change a sheet that should be read only.
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Throwing the vote from my thread on this over onto this one to bring it up further. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>...

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Jakob has written a script&nbsp; that gives this kind of functionality (for Pro users only), though it would obviously be better if it was a native feature.
+1 &nbsp; &nbsp; -&nbsp; I was just looking to see if there was a way to do this.
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+1 Really silly that this isn't standard.
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+1 Please implement :)
+1 This would actually be really helpful for a lot of stuff
Oh man, this would be pretty helpful for me. I tend to make heeps of NPCs in my games and it's important for my players to know the skills of these NPC allies, the only way I can of course do that is letting them edit these characters which has lead to a few memes in the past. Still something I'd love to see implemented though. +1
One thing to also note, is that by giving full rights of the character to all the players is it revealed their Line of Site and Advanced Fog of War. So I'm for sharing the character sheet page without being able to control the character (and not edit the sheet as well).
+1 - this is an old and long-requested feature. I would love to see this in our game. Please add this!
+1 This would be very useful for so many reasons and needs more support!
+1, surprised it doesn't exist.
+1, long time coming.
Still wanna see this happen, c'mon everyone let's push for it!
I'm new to Roll20 and the fact that this didn't already happen for "in other players' journals" led to quite a bit of confusion between the players and me.
I would like this.&nbsp;
Was totally sure this was already implemented. But oh well. +1
+1 as well.&nbsp;&nbsp; Would definitely use this.
Let's keep this rolling everyone! It NEEDS to happen!
+1 -- have an idea that absolutely requires this. Thank you in advance!
+1 +1 +1 +1!&nbsp; (when I saw the first comments were four years old, I thought for sure it would be implemented by now.&nbsp; Wow!) +1 +1 +1 +1
Unfortunately it needs 200 votes before they consider it. We do need this feature but aren't getting enough votes...
+1 on this please
+1 this would be great!
This came up in my group today as we're getting started in a new campaign.&nbsp; Definitely would love to see this.
54 more votes needed, let's get them votes!
+1 Would love to see this implemented.
We're at the 80% mark everyone, let's keep the hope of getting this feature alive!
Such slow going, but then again this thread is 4 years old... Least it still gets votes!
87% there! Let's keep getting more votes :)