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Dragging PC's to Map

When I drag my PC's from the journal to the map, the represents character token, defaults to none/generic token. Should it do this? Currently this means I have to go into each players 5 tokens and change the represents character token and controlled by every time I switch maps. This is a PIMA.
Make sure you have the tokens set to the proper journal entry (character sheet) first, then set the journal entry for the selected token. Here is the link to the wiki page <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>.
I could have sworn I did that before, but I am a putz. Thanks!
I usually have to do it a few times before I remember, then I always have to go back later and set the vision. It happens.
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I'm sure you know already but for the sake of being a mother hen (... father hen i suppose?) make sure to remember to remove the old default token and replace it with the fully updated one (sight enabled, light emitting set if needed, attributes linked or not etc) to save having to redo the work the next time you drag them out. Having neglected to do that many times i'd hate for you to have to face palm yourself as much as i do!
I like to copy and paste the tokens from previous sheets!