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First Impression Overview

Mr G
KS Backer
I've been using iTabletop to run a weekly game for three years now, so I have a fair handle on what makes a good VTT for my group and my kind of game (which is old school, ad hoc, make it up as you go along). I've had a quick tinker and here are my first impressions - hope this is useful. Overall this is a good product - fast, responsive and trying to be supportive of my style of play. I am totally on board with rules agnosticism. Together we can make it a great product. Plus Points compared to iTT - Works well on Chrome and Firefox. - Loads fast, very fast. - Accessible from work (whatever port is used isn’t blocked by our firewall). - Very quick and easy to set up tokens and rooms – everything is on one screen. - Intuitive interface, supports drag ‘n’ drop, CTRL+C / CTRL + V, etc. - Has a working whiteboard, kind of (see below). - Cross platform compatible (although haven’t tested it myself yet). - Can attach text notes to the screen. - Has built in initiative and hit point trackers. - Has built in card decks - Can show radii of visibility / illumination based on tokens Minus Points compared to iTT - Doesn’t work on IE (unless you have the Chrome frame installed). - Can’t load up your own music / sound effects. - Tokens and their settings do not persist between rooms and games (I think). - Everyone has to be in the same room. - No support for attaching PDFs or anything similar. Needs Improvement - Whiteboard only allows squares and freeform (no lines, polygons or circle/ellipses). - FoW only allows square/rectangular additions and deletions. - Zooming is a pain (but it is in iTT too). - If you delete the room everyone is in, your campaign is FUBAR’ed and it’s start again time. Some Suggestions - Allow embedding of web pages within rooms, e.g. your campaign blog, a shared folder on your Dropbox, etc. I aim to try and run my weekly Stars Without Number game using Roll20 next Wednesday. So will report back then on how it goes when being used for a real game session with all Euro located players. Great work, guys.
Mr G
KS Backer
Oh yes, and need to allow variable units of measurement, not just feet and inches (which just seems wrong in a Sci-Fi game).
Roll20 Team
Marc, thanks so much for the input. Many of your suggestions are in the works.
Mr G
KS Backer
Thanks, Richard, no problems. Another great addition would be the ability to choose a hex grid with either true columns or true rows. Currently the only option is true rows, which is quite an unusual configuration I think. True columns is what I'm generally used to.