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Pull from my own online storage

I'd very much like to be able to search and pull from my own website, where I can store my own art assets.
or Dropbox/Google Drive. I've got a massive library of tokens, tiles and maps in Dropbox that I used to use with Maptool. It'd be nice to be able to tap into them without having to re-upload. (That also gives me a central place for when I add/edit/change anything)
Something to look into. Thanks.
actually i really like this idea. It would give players an additional place to store all the extra stuff that you are not actively using in a current game.
+1 for the whole Dropbox idea. Maybe even extending it so I can also use my own music in my Roll20 Dropbox folder instead of having to use Soundcloud.
Very much this. I've been trying to postpone properly testing this thing because I can't use anything from my library of maps.
@Brian Richmond For my playtest I drew a map with a paint package, saved it to my desktop as a GIF file,and then dragged its icon into the Roll20 window of my web browser. The map appeared as a small icon, which I dragged to the top left of the canvas and stretched to readable size using the square green handle.