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Changelog [Updated 12/10]

Riley D.
Roll20 Team
We'll try to go back and update individual threads when possible, but just so everyone's aware we're also going to keep an ongoing changelog that you can reference to see what features we've implemented and bugs we've fixed. Note that this isn't an exhaustive list, these are just the major features and bug fixes.
May 3, 2012 - You can now select multiple players or "All Players" (which will include any players who join the game in the future) to see and control Characters, view Handouts, and control Tokens. - Bugfix: Bug preventing some users from connecting to the server causing them to get stuck on the loading screen. - Bugfix: It should now not be possible to strand your players by deleting the page they are currently on. If you did it before, a reload *should* fix your campaign. - Bugfix: New upload mechanisms to hopefully help out with some of the issues folks are having.
May 7, 2012 - New roll mechanic: /roll 10d10<3 (successes less than or equal to 3) - Now gives an error message if you leave off the preceding 1 for single dice rolls - [Bugfix] Turn tracker gets stuck on player view - You can now quickly switch between layers using hotkeys: Ctrl+O (tokens layer), Ctrl+M (maps), Ctrl+G (GM layer). In addition, if you hold Shift (e.g. Ctrl+Shift+O) all tokens you have currently selected will be moved to the new layer. You can also move tokens between layers individually using the right-click menu. - [Bugfix] Map pings not working at differing zoom levels - [Bugfix] CDN issues causing images not to load for some users - Text fields in the Handout and Character screens are now automatically linkified, and links will open in a new tab/window. - You can now hold Alt to rotate a token freely without snapping. In addition, when on a page with a hex grid, tokens will now use 30-degree rotation snapping instead of 45. - The fog of war bugs should be fixed (e.g. unable to use FoW when players are already on a page; FoW randomly disappearing). Please let us know if you still have FoW issues. - There is a new setting under the Settings tab that lets the GM and Players customize their out-of-character name for the current game.
May 8, 2012 - [Bugfix] Unable to move groups of tokens between layers using hotkeys - There are now "Riley is typing..." notifications in the text chat to let you know when players or the GM are typing. - There is a new setting in the Page Settings dialog that allows you to change the opacity of the Fog of War on the GM side (the player's fog of war is always completely opaque). - [Bugfix] Added in the option to show players Bar 3 on tokens. - Added ability to designate that an aura should be square (instead of the default circle) in the token settings dialog. - You can now give players the ability to edit the bars and auras of a token (you can, on a per-bar/aura basis designate whether players can see the bar/aura, and also if they can edit it). If you let a player edit a bar, they will now be able to use the quick-change radial menu input, as well as double-click on the token to show a subset of the token settings dialog (depending on what permissions you have given them). - Players can now edit the Name and Bio fields of any Characters that they control. If you want a Player to see a Character but not edit it, then just use the "In Player Journals" field rather than the "Controlled By" field. - [Bugfix] Auras should now resize correctly when zoomed in/out. - The player link is now blacked out unless you mouse over it with your mouse pointer. This is to help prevent accidentally including it in screenshots, screencasts, live streams, etc.
May 14, 2012 - [Bugfix] " typing" notifications will no longer show when you start typing a command (e.g. /roll) - SoundCloud searching has been overhauled. There is now a drop-down to choose from several types of files to search for, as well as a completely unfiltered search. In addition, you can now enter the URL of a SoundCloud song directly into the search box and it will find that exact song. - [Bugfix] The freehand tool no longer needs to be re-selected after each time it is used. - [Bugfix] GM Notes should now correctly paste when you copy + paste a token. - The formatting bar will now stay attached to the top of edit boxes instead of floating to where your mouse last clicked in the box. - The player listing along the bottom of the screen has been overhauled. Now as soon as a player joins the game they will appear in the list using their profile picture. Then if they turn on video/voice chat it will replace the static picture. In addition, the name of the player is now listed below the picture/video, and the background of the name is a volume meter that should increase/decrease to indicate who is speaking. Finally, each player is automatically assigned a color (players can change their own colors by clicking on the color box next to their name). This color is now used when performing any map pings, and will be used throughout the UI as we continue to overhaul other parts. - You can now hold down the Shift key while performing a map ping to scroll all player views to the place where the map ping appears. - The edit flag for the bars and auras in the token settings now correctly only applies to players who have control of the token. In addition, if a player can edit a token's bars/auras they will be able to see the bars/auras even if the "View" box is unchecked. - You can now choose from "Small", "Regular", and "Large" video sizes under the My Settings tab.
May 17, 2012 The major change for this update is that the turn tracker has been completely overhauled. Instead of thinking about it from a "each token can have one turn" basis, the turn tracker is now just a list of tokens. To add a token to the list, just right-click the token and choose "Add Turn." You can add each token as many times as you want (for games that use multiple turns, phases, etc.) If you want to add a group of tokens at once, select them and use the shortcut Ctrl+U (also Cmd+U on Mac). The "Takes a Turn" option has been removed from the Token Settings. To remove a token, just hover over it and press the trash can icon that appears over the token's image. You can also use the clear button at the bottom of the window to clear the whole list at once. The close button has been moved up to the top-right corner, where the close buttons on other dialog boxes are located. In addition, the text/number next to each token's turn can be different. The turn tracker also no longer assumes that you will be using numbers in the boxes, so using text or numbers should work fine. The turn tracker also responds in real-time to game updates now. So if you move a token between layers or change a token's name, the turn tracker should update without needing to close and re-open it. And obviously you can add/remove tokens from the list without closing/re-opening it now as well. Deleted tokens will also be removed immediately. Other turn tracker improvements: - When you have more than one edit box active in the turn tracker, pressing Enter will now correctly save the values in all boxes, not just the last you edited. - You can now click to edit a value in the turn tracker, then press the Tab key and you will automatically cycle to the next item in the list (even if you weren't editing it already). - The Token Name property now shows in the turn tracker next to the token's image. - Tokens on the GM Layer will now automatically be hidden from players in the turn tracker list even if they are already in the list. The GM will see them as faded to indicate that they are hidden to players. Tokens on the Map layer will not appear to anyone on the turn list, even if they had a turn added before switching layers. Other general bugfixes/improvements: - The first version of the Pan/Hand tool is now available. You can select it by hovering over the Select arrow in the toolbar and choosing the Hand. It allows you to click and drag around the map. In addition, you can use the Right Mouse Button to click and drag around the map at any time even if you haven't selected the pan tool from the toolbar. Note that this is still a pretty "new" feature, so let us know if it works/doesn't work for you. - [Bugfix] Freehand drawings should now appear correctly to all players regardless of zoom level. (Note: Any existing freehand drawings may still be bugged.) - Players now have access to edit their profile information, and the "Forgot Password" process should now function for players as well as GMs properly. - You can now emote using any of: "/em", "/e", and "/me". - [Bugfix] The formatting bar should now stick to the top of the content boxes correctly (take two). In addition, if you scroll down in the dialog box (because you are editing a really long piece of text), the bar will now stick to the top as you scroll down so you don't have to go all the way to the top to find it again. - [Bugfix] Fixed issue where colorpicker dialog boxes were appearing off-screen after using the color picker to choose a player's color.
May 22, 2012 There is a new update out today, most of the changes are bug fixes and finishing up of the turn tracker overhaul. We've also made some major changes to the fog of war system. The major highlights: - You can now drag-and-drop roll results from the text chat window onto the Turn Tracker. You click-and-drag on the roll result (to the right of the equals sign in the white box), and then drop it onto the spot next to the turn tracker entry (the same place where you click to edit the number/text). It should highlight in yellow when you drag over it. This should help speed up things like doing initiative rolls while still being system agnostic and allowing your players to perform the rolls themselves. - You can also now drag-and-drop the top-most card from a deck onto the turn tracker. This is intended to be for games like Savage Worlds where cards are drawn to determine turn order. The turn tracker will try to come up with a suitable abbreviation for the card's name to show in the listing (e.g. Two of Spades is shown as 2♠). This is also the first time we've made use of unicode symbols, so let us know if you aren't seeing the playing card suites show up correctly. - The right sidebar is now resizable. If you hover over the border between the sidebar (e.g. the text chat) you should now be able to drag and resize it to be larger. - The turn tracker "clear" button has been moved under a "settings" button. In addition to clearing the list, the settings dialog will also allow you to sort the turns list numerically or alphabetically. - The pan tool's implementation has been changed. Please let us know if it works better for you now, or if you are still seeing the "jittery" problems from before. - The fog of war system has been overhauled for large page sizes. Now if you create a page size larger than 40x40 in., rather than rendering the entire fog of war at once, the fog of war will be constantly re-drawn as you scroll. It makes scrolling a little less smooth, but the benefit is that in theory now very large pages should be possible, even with fog of war and grid enabled (I have successfully tested 500x500in. pages on a 2GB Windows VM). Let us know how this new system works for you. - [Bugfix] It should now not be possible to accidentally lose the ability to edit the turn tracker number by leaving it blank.
May 22, 2012 Part Deux This update is all about the campaign creation/administration side of things. We're pleased to roll out the first in what will be "baby steps" toward our final goal for the "outside the game" part of Roll20. Here's the highlights of today's update: - When you click on the picture or title of a campaign, now by default you'll be taken to the details screen for that campaign. Be sure to use the "Launch Campaign" button if you want to jump straight into the game. On the details screen, you can: - Hover over the campaign picture to cycle through the available art assets in your campaign to choose the one you want to represent the campaign. - Copy/extend the campaign (we're still deciding what to ultimately call that). This lets you create a new campaign while pulling forward the pages, players, macros, decks, chat log, etc. from a current campaign. You can choose the specific things you want to include. - Delete the campaign (FINALLY!) Note that this *cannot* be undone, so use wisely! We'll be expanding this functionality over the coming month or two, so let us know what else you'd like to see on the details screen. We've seen some requests from folks regarding managing large amounts of handouts, pages, etc. in one campaign. Or original intent was to offer this sort of functionality so that you can keep each individual campaign relatively small and lightweight, and then "bring your players forward" as you advance through the overall story arc. I'm interested to know if this meets that goal, or if we're off our rocker and you're intending to manage long campaigns/sets of campaigns in a different manner. So let us know your thoughts. Thanks!
June 1, 2012 There's a new update out this morning, the main change is the complete overhaul of the drawing tools based on your feedback. We tried to do our best to find a solution that balanced people using the drawing tools for battle planning/sketching, with those using it for drawing maps, with those using it to do things like set up complicated boards for RPG systems like FATE. We still consider this a "work in progress", so do let us know your thoughts on what changes were good and what still needs work. First off, a quick definition. When we talk about "drawings" below, we mean drawings made with the brush (squares, circles, etc.), as well as text created by the text tool and any images that you choose to treat as drawings instead of tokens. The main highlights: - There is now only one drawing tool, the "Brush" tool. The Rectangle tool has been folded into this. Now, by default you'll draw freehand drawings. If you hold down the Shift key, you'll draw straight lines (snapped to the grid if you have a square grid enabled). If you hold the Alt key, you'll draw ellipses. And if you hold Shift+Alt, you'll draw circles. After the drawing is complete, you are free to move and resize it as before. - The Brush tool allows you to choose both a stroke color (which defaults on the tokens layer to your player color) and a fill color (which defaults to transparent). So you can draw lines, filled boxes, circles, filled circles, etc., etc. You can also now choose the width of the lines that the brush tool draws. - The drawings and tokens have now been separated. You can still use the same 3 layers for each, but the default selection tool will now not select drawings. Instead there is a separate drawings selection tool in the drawings menu on the toolbar. You can switch between the two quickly by using Cmd/Ctrl+S (for Select tool) and Cmd/Ctrl+D (for the Draw tool). - You can now choose to treat images (that you upload, or from the Art Library) as either a token or a drawing. By default all images added while you are using the normal select tool will be added as tokens, those added while using the drawing select tool will be drawings. You can toggle back and forth by right-clicking on the image and selecting "Advanced -> Is Drawing". Basically, a drawing will not have a radial menu or a settings dialog box. It will also be able to be grouped with other drawings (like text). - There is now a "Clear" button in the drawings menu on the toolbar which will delete all drawings on the current layer. (You have to confirm this with a Dialog box pop-up). - The text tool has also been completely overhauled. You can now choose the font, size, and color of the text before, during, and after you use the text tool. Multiline text is now fully supported (it will no longer break up into separate boxes). - You can now group multiple elements together. Just highlight them, right-click, and choose "Advanced -> Group" from the menu. Whenever you select one grouped element, all of them will be selected. This allows you to move them all together. It should also make it possible to create a "board notecard" by drawing a box, writing text on top of the box, then grouping the two elements together. - You can now copy/paste drawings. - Players now have access to the brush tool as well as the text tool. They will be able to edit/move any drawings and text which they have created. We're planning in the future to add a way for the GM to allow players to edit/move drawings the same way that they can assign control of tokens. Other non-drawing-related improvements: - You can now use the right-click menu when you have multiple objects selected. - There is now a "Shortcuts Reference" popup available, it's in the same menu as the Help menu (last button on the toolbar). - Note that the "Switch to GM Layer" shortcut has changed from G to K! - Mentors (including Benefactors and Game Masters) should now see their plan name as "Mentor" in the My Account page. In addition their quota should successfully show as "1,000 MB". Everyone else should show "Free" as the plan name with a quota of 100MB. - Your public profile page will now contain a badge showing at what level you pledged to the Kickstarter campaign.
6/5 A new update was just pushed out with the following: - The macros editing has been redone a bit, now instead of typing in a little box clicking on a Macro will open a nice large window with plenty of room to type. - Macros can now contain multiple actions. Just put one action per line. Example: /roll 1d20+5 Attack /roll 2d6+8 Damage You can mix and match rolls, emotes, whispers, or any other command to your heart's content. - There is now a "Macro Shortcut Bar" available, which allows you to create a button from any macro that you can click instead of typing the macro into the chat window. You can enable it under the Settings tab in the Macros section. You can then choose to add macros to it by checking the box next to the macro labeled "In Bar". After they are in the bar, you can hover over them to reveal a handle (to the right of the button) which lets you drag and re-order them. Showing/hiding the macro bar, the macros added to the bar, and the order of the bar should all save between play sessions for all players. - We've added a new dice mechanic to support defined exploding points in exploding rolls, for example: /roll 4d6!5 Would now explode on both 5's and 6's rolled. You can still leave off the number after the exclamation mark and it will assume that it should explode on the max roll.
6/10 - Macros can now be only one character long (e.g. "#n"). - Macros can now contain non-command lines mixed with command-lines, for example: /roll 1d20+5 I smite you! Will now roll, then send the chat message "I smite you!" to all users. And, the big one: - Macros can now be nested, and can also now be used directly next to words/numbers. So you can now do the following oft-requested feature: Macro "r" = d6+8>5 /r 4#r Which would roll 4d6... . So you can set up the "complicated part" of the roll ahead of time, then just specify how many dice to roll. In addition, an example of a nested macro would be: Macro "dmg" = /roll 2d6+4 Macro "attack" = /roll 1d20+5 Macro "both" = #dmg #attack The "#dmg" and "#attack" would first be translated into their proper rolls, then the "#both" macro would be evaluated, performing both rolls at once. Nested macros don't have to be on different lines, and you can really mix and match in a lot of different ways. It's a simple addition that should open up a lot more power in the Roll20 macros system. Note that there is a hard limit of 99 levels deep that you can nest macros, to keep computers from going into an infinite loop and crashing in case you accidentally create an infinite loop.
6/25 - Better support for multiple decks. - Switched from the "drag upward" draw motion to just "click" to draw. - You can now deal cards to players, who have "hands" to hold the cards - Cards can be dragged and dropped directly from the deck onto the tabletop, or from player hands onto the tabletop, turning them into drawings that can be moved, resized, etc. - Cards can be "picked up" from the table to your hand by right-clicking and selecting "Take Card". - Cards can be flipped by right-clicking and choosing "Flip Card." In addition if you hold down Shift while dropping a card onto the tabletop it will start face-down instead of face-up. - Players can re-order the cards in their hands. - Players can trade cards and steal from each other (there are dialog boxes for confirming both). - You can now designate that a deck has "infinite cards", then just add one card and it will always be drawn, no need to re-shuffle the deck. For a quick overview of how that all works in practice, check out the YouTube video we just uploaded here: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Please note that this is a very new feature, there will likely be bugs. Please report any that you find! Other changes/updates in this new release: - The Z-Ordering bugs should now all be squashed. So the next time that you put something to the top or bottom, it should stay there. In addition, Players and the GM should now see the same thing, always, in terms of order. This will take effect the next time you put something to the top/bottom on a page. - There are now both vertical and horizontal hex grids, and hex grid snapping has been improved. - A "gutter" has been added around the entire page now, which should fix issues like the toolbar covering part of the page, radial menus going off-screen, etc. Note that this introduced a small bug where the square grid tends to over-extend off of the page into the gutter in the bottom-right part of the screen, but it doesn't actually affect gameplay, so we went ahead and pushed out the new release with this unfixed. It will be fixed in the near future. - Pasting an object should now keep the rotation and other attributes of the object from the original. - The macro bar width should now auto-expand, and it will no longer cover up the scrollbar on the right-hand side of the screen. It will now also accomodate more buttons than can fit on the screen at once, providing a scrollbar when you hover over it with your mouse.
7/2 There's a new update out today, the main feature of which is full integration with the newly-launched Roll20 Marketplace. The Marketplace is a new online store which features thousands of free and premium assets made by some great members of the RPG community -- including hundreds of tokens that are brand new by some great new artists. You can browse the Marketplace and tag any assets that are free as well as any premium assets that you've purchased, which will add them to Your Library (similar to starring them in the Art Library searches). There's also a new Your Library page on the Marketplace which makes it even easier to manage your uploads. An embedded version now appears when you click the "Star" icon next to the search box in the Art Library tab in Roll20. (It also includes a button for uploading if you don't want to drag and drop uploads anymore -- yay!) You'll notice that there will now be a lot more results from the "Marketplace" in Art Library searches (replacing the old, limited "Built In" search). Any assets that are free on the Marketplace that show up in your results you'll be able to use right away just by dragging and dropping. Those that are premium you have the option to buy right from inside Roll20 and use right away. Hopefully this update will provide the Roll20 Community with even more art assets to use to make some great campaigns, as well as a much-needed and improved Art Library management system. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> There's also a great new trailer video showing a sneak preview of a few of the features we're working to bring you in the coming months: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
7/30 Massive new update out today, including new rendering engine, LFG system, and more. Full details: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
8/9 Quick new update out today with some minor bug fixes and usability enhancements: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
8/13 New update out with archiving features, new grid alignment tool, and more! <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
8/29 New update out with 3D Dice, dice engine overhaul, new dice mechanics, and more! <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
10/17 New update out with polygon tool, global macros, and more: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
12/10 New update out with Character Attributes and Abilities: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>