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[LFG] Solo player looking for PF group (an example char bio within)


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My name is Hanusk Cruven you may not be able to tell from beneath this Oni mask of mine but I am a half-orc. I settled down in this town and became a prominent actor renown for my fearsome reenactment of Oni and Demons alike. Before arriving here a few years ago I was a caravan guard no more special than the rest. I often took the risky jobs for the extra pay but ultimately that led me here. This town rarely has caravans leaving to head back south so I decided to practice the arts. Many people call me the Oni Samurai because I still don my armor for the theater but it has been a while since I was in a good fight. Even still tho I practice with my blade every morning because to be honest with you I can't wait to get out of here. ====== I am available most days but I currently have a reliable group for Sunday mornings and Wednesday Evenings I play 5e at a local store. Most times provided I know in advance I am willing to stay up and or wake up early. Time zone: GMT -4/ EST I live in the Southern United States
what time u in
Gary H. said: what time u in Sorry about that just edit-added it in I had forgotten :D
Ok would you be up for a sunday afternoon gmt time camapign homebrew from me
It would have to be in the morning for me I work Sundays always unfortunately. I also have a Sunday group I currently play with that I play with from 12pm to 4pm/5pm my time. Basically I will be at work during that time but I do appriciate the offer. :D
ok np