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AD&D 2nd Edition "Adventures in a Homebrew World". 2E Tuesday (afternoon USA, evening to night GMT). LFP + LF Co-GM + LF Live-streamer


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Well met! Rare opportunity to join an excellent High Fantasy role-playing group in a long-term ongoing campaign; We have 5 PC's in the party (3rd/4th level), and we want to recruit a 6th player. We met each other on Roll20, started playing earlier this year, and always wanted 6 PC's. Any class is open except duplicates (lots of choices remain open). If you are the right person to join this long-term campaign then you will enjoy reading the details of this LFG message. You won't skim and overlook the finer points. Your application reply will be thoughtful, more than just "I want to join". The campaign is now established and has legs to continue adventuring for the next 6 months or beyond, playing weekly. We have room for one more player, plus openings for Co-GM, NPC's, Multimedia Producer, and Live-Stream manager. The 1st picture below depicts some of the current Party including some of the NPC's. Interested? Read this full post first, then respond. Basic description of the campaign: "Adventures in a Homebrew World" Skype for voice alongside Roll20. No webcam video. Game sessions weekly, normally once-a-week Tuesday (afternoon USA, evening to night hours UK-Europe). Players interact during the week PbP in-the-forum and post weekly journals with text and images. Creativity, kindness, very important. Looking for nice people. Open-minded. Friendly. PC's are Good or Neutral. Some of the bad guys and enemies are Evil. Homebrew world. Full size globe. Long-term saga. Frontier town, dragons, pirates, orcs vs dwarves and elves, wilderness, global, classic AD&D material. High Fantasy. High Magic. Gameplay mixture of roleplaying, streamlined narrative combat, and exploring. 1/3 RP, 1/3 Combat, 1/3 Exploration. Opportunities for deep character development in ways you did not expect. NOT a "Character Build" but rather a slowly evolving discovery of your self. Even More Detailed description of the campaign will be offered to those who respond favorably after this post! Looking For Players (1 PC + multiple NPC roles), Also: Looking For Co-GM; LF Multimedia Producer; LF Live-Stream Manager Player applicants, we have room for one more PC. I may accept additional players to act as some of the existing NPC roles in the world. Co-DM (assistant) also encouraged to apply here. Visual Artist, Writers/Editors, and Multimedia Producers also invited to apply here. The campaign is media-rich with portraits, sound effects, music, maps. As the DM, I could use some help producing original content and curating online content (Google Images, Soundcloud, Photobucket, etc). Live-Streaming manager also invited to apply here. We are currently not streaming or recording regularly, but would enter into talks with someone who wants to stream our game from your computer screen view, mod the chatroom while we play, and handle technical issues. Want to join? Tell me about yourself, your background with RPG's and AD&D particularly 2nd Edition. D&D experience is NOT required but the wording of your response will help indicate yourself as a good fit for this game. New players would be welcomed if you are highly dedicated and ready to read-up. Reply here or send me a PM. Tell me what you like about D&D and 2E in particular, describe the gameplay styles that you would hope for this, and say what you are looking for in RPG. I will also peek at your Roll20 Profile, so be sure you have your Profile bio filled-in, and list AD&D on your "Enjoys Playing" and "Seeks Group For" before replying. I will invite the most interesting respondents to view the campaign. You will get a chance to read our detailed campaign description, intro text, and forum threads. From there you'll get to meet the group. You may be observe a live session of the game, or participate playing as a pre-generated NPC for your first session. If it's a fit, you will begin your own new character creation, collaborating with the DM. Happy adventuring! Looking forward to hearing from you! DM Gold Player References provided upon request
Hello Dm Gold My Name Is John Nick I am very excited for joining this campaign I am 14 and my experience of playing D&D is for a year now I am new with playing AD&D because i mostly been playing 3.5e also I am a fan of homebrew worlds.My gameplay style is a random like thing or with my character neutral because with D&D I like is the chances and possibility of the rolls also the lots of role playing well if you are interested on picking me I will gladly join my Skype is John.nick1001 see you then

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Hi, Dm Gold. My name Is Jamie I am very excited for joining this campaign I am 30, a business major waiting to go back to school for programming. My experience of playing D&D is for a couple days (all last weekend) so I am new with playing AD&D as i mostly been playing 5.5e (and a little bit of pathfinder). I know how to character sheet and do some rolls, but am still new. My gameplay style is roleplaying with a neutral evil because I enjoy causing trouble, but not in a way that severly affects the group an example would be I might steal some items once and while and trick players so since you still respect neutral I guess I could do that. However, does that mean I cant steal cus im not evil? Im used to playing human and dwarves. I dont mind playing an NPC first game as I am still learning and its always great to see how a group interacts over just mashing everyone together. I have skype you can add me its finnonfire

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Hello everyone, My name is Brendan and I am currently a player in this campaign. So far our group has been playing together for over three months. We would like to welcome anyone whose interested in joining. Its a very laid back group. Gameplay is focused on 1/3 roleplaying, 1/3 combat, and 1/3 exploration. Narrative play and character development are all highly encouraged. We usually let guests play their first session as an established NPC. Basically, this is for your benefit; to see if this campaign and style of play is for you. Overall our main goal is to have fun. I look forward to meeting you in game.