Welcome to Roll20! We have some guidelines in addition to our  Code of Conduct  so that we can keep things tidy and friendly, please be sure to follow the rules below for both forum posts and listings in the LFG tool. Please understand that many of these guidelines require your best judgement, so please be respectful. If you are not sure, please refrain from posting and contact us directly at Roll20.net/help outlining any questions you may have and we will reply as soon as we can. General Guidelines We ask that users adhere to the following requests when creating a listing or post: Only use the LFG tool and forums for games happening on Roll20 All content in an LFG post and/or listing must be PG-13 in nature (game description, username, pictures, etc.) Any games intended for audiences 18+ must be marked as such Only create threads or listings for upcoming games on Roll20 Do not advertise games more than three months before their start time Refrain from "bumping" posts (i.e. replying to a thread solely to bring it to the top and providing no new information) Only post on games you are actually interested in joining Refrain from posting replies that do not relate to the original post's request or topic Refrain from publicly posting links to payment sites (Patreon, PayPal Donations, etc.) on the LFG Forums and LFG Tools* Refrain from publicly posting links to off-site communities (Discord, Facebook groups, etc.) on the LFG Forums and LFG Tools* *You may share this content in private (i.e. game details page, game forums, or sent via private message). Infringement of this section is subject to moderation action as outlined by the Moderation Policy in the  Roll20 Code of Conduct. Inclusivity All Looking for Group postings and listings should be in the spirit of inclusion as opposed to exclusion. This will allow you to best attract the gaming group you wish to play with instead of attempting to repel those you don't. Additionally, we ask that you refrain from creating a post seeking someone of a specific different background (such as creed, disability, gender, orientation, race, etc.)  than yourself. While we appreciate a desire for inclusion, such posts specifically targeting a group becomes an issue of tokenism-- looking to fill a spot with someone removed of their individuality save for that specific descriptor. Any attempt to discourage others from playing through the use of bullying, discrimination, or harassment, is subject to the same moderation actions as outlined in the Discrimination and Harassment section of the Code of Conduct. Infringement of this section is subject to moderation action as outlined by the Moderation Policy in the  Roll20 Code of Conduct. Paid Games We now have a separate sub-forum specifically for paid games! Please be sure to read the Paid Game guidelines located in the top thread here . If you are interested in joining a paid game, you can find the sub-forum right over here: Looking For Group: Paid Games Paid game listings found in the Looking For Group: Free Games sub-forum will be moderated as necessary.