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New Update 6/25: Usability Improvements, Group Rotation/Scaling, and more...

Riley D.
Roll20 Team
There's a new update out today for everyone with the following changes/improvements: Usability Improvements We've implemented several new usability improvements to existing features, based in large part on the suggestions from this thread (although many of these were also suggested previously other places as well):&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp;In particular: When closing Character and Handout editors, you will now be returned to the previous view state. When opening Character editor, you will be editing the tab you were currently on in the viewer. Clicking "Save Changes" in Character editor also saves all pending attribute + ability changes. Shift+Clicking on the Settings icon when a token is selected, or Shift+Double Clicking on token directly will now open the attached Character if the token represents a Character; alt+click opens the character to attributes/abilities screen. Shift+Clicking on Macros in the macro quick-bar will open the macro or ability editor (depending on the type) to that macro/ability. Adding macros to macro bar automatically shows the macro bar if it's not shown already. Fixed a bug where if you had drawings selected at the same time as objects which snap to the grid (e.g. tokens), the tokens and drawings would not keep their relative positions when the group snapped to the grid. Rotation/Scaling of Groups A lot of behind-the-scenes work was done on the rendering engine, so please let me know if you see anything behaving in a way it shouldn't. In particular, you can now scale and rotate groups of objects, and there have been numerous bugfixes to things like the handouts viewer and the bubble permissions. We know that you wargamers out there are going to want even more rotation options, and we're "working on it" :-) Marketplace Modules Now Listed There is now a section of the Roll20 Marketplace which lists modules (there are still only the two, though). In addition we've added a direct link to the companion PDF guide for modules that have those (right now just Forstor Nagar) to the Create New Campaign page, so hopefully it will be easier to find. There were also a couple of improvements to the API system (see the API forum for those) and we're going to be conducting a trial of our WebRTC implementation from now until Friday, so check out this thread for more info on that. &nbsp; Enjoy!
Thank you for updating the char sheets :3
Still no place to include attribute scores and bonuses for those of us that need them, let alone reference them.
Roll20 Team
Dungeon Master, there's a tab on character journals called "Attributes and Abilities". This is where you add custom attributes to a character journal and then they can be used in rolling formulas.
Leif Egil R.
KS Backer
What do you mean, DM? From my understanding of your problem, it's something that's been there for about as long as macros existed. You can currently include attribute scores to the character sheets, by creating one, and on the tab in the top, push Attributes and Abilities. There you can add whichever bonus or score you want, and you can also reference macros with them in the Abilities section, or on the designated Macro-space in settings. To reference an attribute in the ability-section, type @ and start typing the attribute to reference. Example: /r 1d20+@str +@bo Would probably give you /r 1d20+@{Strength}+@{Base Attack Bonus} Note that if you will use macros in the settings, you need to reference the character sheet too: Example: /r 1d6+@{Brunid|Strength} To get the strenght attribute of Brunid. Also, keep in mind that it's the first number in the two columns that are referenced, so if you need to reference strength which is 15 score and 2 modifier, you need to put it like this: Strength 2/15 (the other way arund of what's usual on a standard character sheet). If I missed your problem, please try to explain once more :-) Edit: Seems Kristin was faster than me :-)
Thanks for the group rotate, that was sorely needed! There's an issue, not necessarily a bug, with drag select now. If you drag inside a shape like a rectangle without actually touching its edges it gets selected. A typical case where this is troublesome is when you have a room made out of a shape and stuff inside it. You want to select the stuff inside it, on the same layer, which you now can't do by dragging without also selecting the room. Edit: It's not just drag select, clicking inside a shape selects it too. I'm thinking this is probably intentional, but I don't think it's a good choice. :)
Riley D.
Roll20 Team
I think the way it's working now is that if there is something else you could have clicked on besides the rectangle, it selects that. But if you click on a blank spot inside a shape and nothing is there, it will select the shape.
Leif Egil R.
KS Backer
Ehm... I think I found a bug on the shift+clicking tokens. You need to have them available in the journal to shiftclick them. Meaning if you search for anything, and the token you want to shiftclick is not part of the search result, it won't open. At least that's what I've found to be true.
Would it be possible to get a minimize button for the character sheet in the future? To be able to simply minimize it to the bottom of the browser to pull up when needed would make things quicker to use macros and such. Also, an ability to customize the macro bar would be amazing, so that you can move it around and even stack it instead of it spreading linear.
Just noticed this thread! &nbsp;Awesome updates! &nbsp;Thanks Devs!
This update is incredibly useful as a GM.&nbsp; I love the new shift+click functionality to quickly get to character sheets for my tokens! -JW
Gotta say love your site and your commitment to it.