Look folks I run a very deep dark hard core game, it's a challenge for the most seasoned players.I'm trying to start a campaign,the night of the week does not matter but I need 4-6 people that will be there every week I would like to start at 6pm AZ time but that is flexible as well. This is the synopsis Start time is every sunday at 6pm AZ time at the moment (AZ) Game requirements- New to roll20 no problem but I DO REQUIRE seasoned Dungeons and dragons 3.5 role players I'm looking for adult players, NOT rules lawyers or power gamer's. Defeatist attitudes are not welcome. I don't use the video/audio on the site you need to have SKYPE. You need to have the <a href="http://dndtools.pw/" rel="nofollow">http://dndtools.pw/</a> site book marked. You have to make your character with me. My campaign is very dark, it is a very difficult life for any character. This is a 3rd level game at the moment. My players need to work together very well, otherwise they tend to crash and burn (die). I don't want a world of revolving characters. I need and want a steady continuum for a PC, so make your characters well, and play them well, and play them well together, if you don't well I only have one acronym for ya - TPK. READ ON!!! The year is 2401 DR and this is a world fraught with strife. Torrel was a world where adventure was to be had and life was fine. The original adventuring group had made it to the big bad demon god that shall not be named, the one that was behind the scenes, the one that was pulling the strings for the total domination of the world. Needless to say when it was all said and done the party dropped the proverbial ball. When the party finally came upon the god that shall not be named this being was imprisoned in a 2 mile tall statue of it's self floating in the plane of limbo. The party found them selves standing over the heart area of the statue surrounded by thousands of demons coming in to take them out and to retrieve the key (a small feather floating about 2 inches off of the "ground". Before the forthcoming inevitable battle the leader of the group (Laney) figured on a plan (not telling any body else, not even me the DM) and ported away to parts unknown. As soon as the rest of the party realized what had happened (that Laney was gone) the cleric took the remaining members and ported away to safety BUT the feather had hitched a ride on the NPC that was on all fours over the feather. The demon god that shall not be named was then released. Laney had then reappeared, to her surprise everybody was gone. Laney then at that point had quickly fell to the will and might of the demon god that shall not be named. With her powers and possessions striped she was imprisoned within the statue, her unborn twins were rendered from her and merged together to form the vessel of the newly released demon god that shall not be named and she was tortured for what seemed like an eternity by this entity. The party returned shortly after to rescue her and they did. Upon the demon god that shall not be names release a cornucopia of unspeakable actions occurred. Vastly powerful spells that were designed by said god that were in waiting (for eons) sprang into affect. One such act in fact were that portals to the abyss hundreds of feet across and high that had opened all over the surface of Torrel allowing millions and millions of demons per portal to spread across the land. Life ran for its life, 80% of life was snuffed out within the first 24 hours, the rest of life ran to the under dark and deep dark, some of the more able bodied (powerful) figures in existence took to exiting the material plane just to find out that the crystal sphere had become scarred over due to an unexpected and unwanted side affect of certain spells that deteriorated over the coarse of those waiting eons and that all entrance and exit to the material plane was cut off and none could not re-enter. Not even the gods could figure it out. Not even the demon god that shall not be named could undo what was done. The leader of the party-Laney, managed to send a message in the form of an oracle just before the cosmic "door" closed to find the sparks of life that would help figure out what has happened form the inside and to help her make things right in the world but the oracle had gotten "lost" in time and space. On the other side of the coin, the demons had found themselves in a bad way as well. Being the new predominate race on the planet they found that once they were killed they would no longer pop back to the the abyss, they would just die, so over time and war with what was left of life and with each other they had found that their ranks thinned and the mind set had changed from total chaos to more of an enclave mindset. Not to mention the fact that their ability to call for instant back up from other demons no longer functioned and the realization that they were no longer immortal, set the race to enact an ancient set of skills called steam punk and used the the untold numbers of the undead to fight for them and to help in augmenting their abilities, with steam punk and the undead the balance of power was maintained for hundreds of years. Only a very few places of life on the surface of the planet managed to keep a hold, dig in and survive. Over time and war, life slowly fought it's way back to the surface of the planet and during this long and painful struggle stole the sciences of steam punk and striped the demonics off of it and used it to help off set their own short comings. One of many such short comings is the fact that magic was disrupted in many ways and that the very use of magic had began to destroy the land around the caster with almost every application of direct use of raw magic. Another said short coming is that any magic that has to do with extra dimensional ability no longer functioned and that any spells that had any elemental descriptors were hampered unless augmented by alchemical means. These with a many other problems to soon follow proved to be the bitter and hard struggle and survival for "life". Alchemy, the realm of mortals once was a fringe concept of mage's and the like now became the main stay of war and progress for life in general. Alchemy, steam punk and mechanics combined with magic sated the effects of ecological destruction caused by normal casting. Many things came of this amalgam, hence what was once a rare sight now is common place, the construct a feature of alchemy, steam and magic over time took on a life of its own and what was borne from war and necessity was the war forged. After many centuries the war forged rose above their other "non-sentient" artificer constructed brethren, broke the shackles of ownership and general condemnation for not being "natural" and took their independence. Most had found new freedoms in the wild and carved out a slice of existence for themselves. Unfortunately the war forged that live among the rest of society still suffer from social indignation of racism and are still considered 2nd class citizens in most of "life's" eyes. And so continues the war and battle for a peaceful equal co-existence. Over the centuries the vast armies of undead had started to became to much for the dwindling numbers of demons to control themselves and the intelligent entities among the masses of un-death arrested control of many of the numbers of their kind from the grip of control of demon kind. Taking the rains of freedom the masses of un-death forged a kingdom for themselves and continue to restock the numbers by going forth into war with life and demons alike. So here we are 1000 years later the world has been torn apart and laid waste, it is split into all manner of different factions: the good, neutral and evils of life, demons, undead and the living constructs not to mention everything else that was created after or what might be left from the time before the A POC began. Life struggles to maintain it's self, the oracle has not reached it's intended target yet and the world looks pretty bleak. Is there a light at the end of this long dark dangerous tunnel or is it just a lost cause, Do you have the spark the oracle is looking for, come and find out and take the challenge, play A POC and see if you have what it takes.