API Scripts Copy with Copy Game

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Pretty simple, should be able to copy the API scripts when you are copying maps. Global macros would be good too.
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Hi RMcD, could you explain a little more, particularly what setting do you mean by "Copy Map"? Are you referring to the feature, Duplicate Page Settings?  Or is this about the transmogrify feature?
I meant the copy campaign feature, my bad that that's not clear.

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Roll20 Mod Team
No problem RMcD. There are actually 2-3 Suggestions contained in your idea, because there are 2 places to duplicate parts of your game into another game: Copy Game and Transmogrify, and you asked about copying both Scripts and Global Macros. I believe the Suggestion splits into this table: Roll20 Feature Area Suggestions Thread for this idea? SUGGESTION IS: Copy Game (API Scripts) This current thread. 1. Add ability to Copy API Scripts in Copy Game feature. Transmogrify (API Scripts) Also this current thread. 2. Add ability to Copy API Scripts in Transmogrifier.  Transmogrify (Macros) This would make a good new, separate thread. 3. Add ability to copy Global Macros in Transmogrifier. Background info and related help links: 1. The Copy Game feature (outside the VTT, in your game details page, this is used for copying a backup of the entire whole campaign/game), Wiki Docs, https://wiki.roll20.net/Game_Management#Settings 2. The Transmogrifier (in the VTT under Settings > Experimental, this is used for copying-moving small parts of your game, into another existing game). Wiki Docs, https://wiki.roll20.net/Transmogrifier Note: Copy Game is able copy your global macros into a fresh new game, with the first check-box. Copy from this Game......  Players and Player Settings (Including Macros)  Pages Decks  Chat Log  Journal (Characters & Handouts)  Jukebox Playlist  Game Forums Note 2: Neither Copy Game nor Transmogrifier is presently able to copy API Scripts.  Is one of these the central point of the current suggestion thread? Which do you want? Both? It seems to make sense under both areas. Note 3: Transmogrifier is not presently able to copy Global Macros. This can be served by the current suggestion thread, but it could also be served by a Suggestion thread of its own.
Well all of those changes sound like positive improvements but in particular when making this thread I was referring to Copy Game and API Scripts, as the central point, with the addition of Global Macros to the Transmorgifier (though really I feel like there should be macros that aren't stored with players but I understand why they did it that way).
+1 When using the Copy Game feature, there should be an option to copy the API scripts in it.  I use it as a backup mechanism when I'm about to delve into things I don't quite understand, in case I blow it up, and the fact that I have to manually copy all my scripts across to the backup makes it about 50% useless.  It only does half the job.  The scripts represent a large portion of the work that goes into a game, and you should be able to copy them, or at least transmogrify them.
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RMcD said: I meant the copy campaign feature, my bad that that's not clear. I renamed your suggestion for you, so things would be clearer.  Happy gaming!

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Scott C.
Sheet Author
API Scripter
+1. Additionally there should be a toggle for copying/not copying the state as well. Some scripts make extensive use of the state to maintain settings across sessions and having to set those up can be a real hassle. Alternatively, sometimes you want to have the script accessible in the game, but you don't want the state to be carried over (or the old state is corrupted which is what is prompting you to make the copy in the first place).
Thorsten B.
KS Backer
+1. This would greatly help with setup of one-shots. Agree with @Scott C. on state. As is, creating a new campaign for one-shot eats quite a bit of time just for getting the API set up, never mind actual maps and monsters. Being able to do this once and then copy as needed for the next one-shot would be great!
API Scripter
Seems like a very reasonable feature in terms of implementation, and would be a real quality of life improvement.
Sheet Author
+1 Our group effectively wants every game to have the same template of APIs and behaviors, but because we use so many scripts, getting them setup and all of the correct defaults set back up takes forever. Being able to copy over APIs and defaults to new games would be a god send.
+1  This would be a nice addition; though it only takes me about a half hour to set up the scripts from one game to another, it would be nice to have it done for me using a touch of automation. 
+1 and I agree with Scott C about the state. It makes me much less likely to back up my games and that makes me uncomfortable. Takes around an hour to set everything back up.
+1, would save me a lot of time.
+1  Yeah takes a horribly long time to setup a game from scratch with all the api scripts I use.  Please implement this!  
+1, This feature would be really nice. I'd like to set up a template with the API scripts set up so that doesn't eat up a weekend.

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I think this was mentioned in passing above, but copying the API scripts is only half of what you need.  You also need the "state" variable archived and restored, otherwise all the script settings are lost.

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So need this since you can't manually copy the scripts from game to game, something always screws up copying code from the API panel so you have to go back to the RAW from git, but now its a later version and you need to change your macros, etc, etc. I like to setup a template game from the modules with all my shit in it ready to go and then simply clone the game in its entirety, api, music, everything when you get a new party.
+1, I'm starting to get quite the list of API scripts being used in my games, it would be nice to be able to copy them to other campaigns. Using Transmogrify would be nice and so would being able to copy them with the Copy Game feature.