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These macros use the roll20 AD&D 2nd edition character sheet. Please complete your character sheet before using these macros.  This thread is an ongoing discussion of token action macros for AD&D second edition. Any macro with "UNIVERSAL" in the title is useful to all characters.

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THIEF/NINJA BACKSTAB If you have a Thief or Ninja character, this link will take you to a macro and roll table that will make backstab a cinch! <a href="https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/2412050/ad-and-d-second-edition-backstab-macro-and-roll-table" rel="nofollow">https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/2412050/ad-and-d-second-edition-backstab-macro-and-roll-table</a>

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DRUID REGENERATION When Druids reach level 7, they can shape shift, and they regenerate 1d6x10% of their wounds, rounded down(thereby making it possible to regenerate 0 HP). Here is a macro and roll template that reflects that formula: /me THE @{race} @{class} @{kit} CHANGES SHAPE! &{template:default} {{name=SHAPE CHANGE REGENERATION}} {{REGENERATES=[[floor((@{HP|max}-@{hp})*((1d6)*0.1))]]HP}}

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INITIATIVE This macro is based on Table 41: "Optional Modifiers to Initiative" in the combat chapter of the Dungeonmaster's guide and is useful for any class. &nbsp;If you make a weapon attack, this macro will roll initiative with the first weapon on your weapon table. If you declare you will perform an unarmed action, this macro has initiative modifiers for everything but breath weapons, spells, and scrolls. It will automatically update the turn order tracker for you. Be sure to adjust weapon speed on your weapon table if you are using a magic weapon or a two handed weapon with two handed weapon style, or a combination of both. /me THE @{race} @{class} @{kit} ATTEMPTS A COMBAT ACTION ON INITIATIVE SEGMENT [[1d10+?{TYPE OF ACTION|WEAPON ATTACK, @{weapspeed}|MEDIUM OR SMALL CREATURE UNARMED ACTION, 3|LARGE CREATURE UNARMED ACTION, 6|HUGE CREATURE UNARMED ACTION, 9|GARGANTUAN CREATURE UNARMED ACTION, 12|TINY CREATURE UNARMED ACTION, 0|INNATE SPELL ABILITY, 3|MISCELLANEOUS MAGIC ITEM, 3|POTION, 4|RING, 3|ROD, 1|STAFF, 2|WAND, 3}&{tracker}]]!
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Thanks for sharing. I will try some of your ideas in my 2E games.
Gold said: Thanks for sharing. I will try some of your ideas in my 2E games. Definitely welcome, Gold.

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MULTICLASS HP CALCULATOR If you are a multiclassed character, this macro will calculate your new HP except your constitution bonus, which should only be added at the rate of your slowest class. &nbsp;Nevermind the 1D1. &nbsp;I had to cheat a little. :D &nbsp;This macro does not automatically update your max HP, so you will have to do it manually. Have a nice day. /me @{race} @{class} @{kit} GAINS [[{1d1, ((floor((?{WHICH CLASS GAINED A LEVEL?|PRIEST, 1D8|ROGUE, 1D6|WARRIOR, 1D10|WIZARD, 1D4|PSION, 1D6|BARBARIAN, 1D12})/?{ARE YOU DOUBLE OR TRIPLE CLASSED?|DOUBLE CLASSED,2|TRIPLE CLASSED,3})))}kh1]] MAXIMUM HP!!
You inspired me to put Saves and AbilityCheck token actions in all my 1e and 2 e games - thanks for the motivation!
OldSchoolChris said: You inspired me to put Saves and AbilityCheck token actions in all my 1e and 2 e games - thanks for the motivation! You're welcome, Chris. Hopefully these token action macros help out. And not just your games, but the Roll20 AD&D second edition community as a whole. Have a nice day:D

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LIGHTNING BOLT SPELL This token ability macro is the lightning bolt spell by the book, with player's option spell rules. &nbsp;You can tweak this macro's specifics to turn it into fireball or delayed blast fireball. &nbsp;Please note that this spell does not necessarily shoot in a straight line from the caster, but rather in a straight line from any point within spell range in any direction chosen by the caster, up to the limit of the spell's area of effect. Have a nice day. :D &{template:default}{{name=LIGHTNING BOLT}}{{SPELL LEVEL=3}}{{SCHOOL=EVOCATION}}{{RANGE=[[({10,@{level}}kl1*10)+40]]}}{{COMPONENTS=VERBAL, SOMATIC, MATERIAL}}{{DURATION=INSTANT}}{{CASTING_TIME=3}}{{AREA OF EFFECT=EITHER A 10' WIDE FORKED BOLT 40' LONG, OR A 5' WIDE BOLT 80' LONG}}{{SAVING THROW=1/2 DAMAGE}}{{SUBTLETY=?}}{{KNOCKDOWN=?}}{{SENSORY=?}}{{CRITICAL=?}}{{EFFECT=[[[[({10,@{level}}kl1)]]D6]]ELECTRICAL DAMAGE}}

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KIAI! This token ability macro is for Fighters with the Samurai kit. &nbsp;This macro only uses the data from the top weapon on your weapon table, so be sure to move your favorite weapon up to the first line. &nbsp;Also, be sure your attack and damage adjusment entries on the table only reflect your samurai's bonuses from specialization/mastery and the magical bonuses if you are using a magical weapon. &nbsp;Also, this macro assumes your are using a melee weapon. &nbsp;If you use your Daikyu with Kiai, or any other compound bow or a thrown weapon, you will need to add your dexterity missile attack adjustment in to the miscellaneous attack roll query. &nbsp;Don't use this macro with a normal bow. &nbsp;You will definitely break your bow string. Have a nice day. :D /me THE @{race} @{class} @{kit} MAKES A KIAI ASSISTED ATTACK WITH @{weaponname}!! &{template:default}{{name=@{weaponname} KIAI ATTACK}}{{HITS AC=[[@{ThAC0} -((1d20+?{MISCELLANEOUS ATTACK ROLL MODIFIER|0})+(@{attackadj})+(3))))]]}}{{NORMAL DAMAGE=S/M[[((@{damsm}))+(@{damadj})+(6))]]L[[((@{daml}))+(@{damadj})+(6))]]}}{{CRIT DAMAGE=S/M[[(((@{damsm})+(@{damsm})))+(@{damadj})+(6))]]L[[(((@{daml})+(@{daml})))+(@{damadj})+(6))]]}}

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UNIVERSAL SKILL CHECK Tired of looking for your thief skill table every time you pick some fool's pockets? Now, you have access to all of your thief skills at the touch of a button! &nbsp;Here is a UNIVERSAL SKILL CHECK macro! &nbsp;This token ability macro is particularly useful to the rogue classes, but every character can climb walls and detect noise. I placed climb walls and detect noise up front on the dropdown menu because every character can use those two skills, regardless of their class, (though they never improve beyond first level like a rogue, with the exception of the use of an amplification tool for detecting noise, or the mountaineering proficiency for climbing). I added a roll query with a default value of zero because Open Locks and Climb Walls have a miscellaneous adjustment depending on the lock or the wall, every time you use them. &nbsp;Be sure to fill out your thief skill table on your character sheet and include adjustments for race and dexterity, regardless which class you play. &nbsp;Have a nice day. &nbsp;:D /me THE @{race} @{class} @{kit} ATTEMPTS TO USE A SKILL! /gmroll 1d100&lt;[[?{SKILL|CLIMB WALLS, @{cwt}|DETECT NOISE, @{dnt}|PICK POCKETS, @{ppt}|OPEN LOCKS, @{olt}|FIND AND REMOVE TRAPS, @{rtt}|MOVE SILENTLY, @{mst}|HIDE IN SHADOWS, @{hst}|READ LANGUAGES, @{rlt}}+?{ADJUSTMENT|0}]]
Can you use these macros as is or do they only work with a character sheet? I ask because i made my own character sheets.
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Most of the macros posted here will not function properly unless used by a Character that possesses all of the Attributes in that macro. Typically, Attributes found within posted macros are managed by a certain character sheet. If you're not using said sheet, you still may use the macros by manually adding all required Attributes.

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Brian A. said: Can you use these macros as is or do they only work with a character sheet? I ask because i made my own character sheets. These macros use the roll20 AD&D 2nd edition character sheet. But if you can edit the names of your custom character sheet attributes to match the ones on the roll20 sheet, they should theoretically still work.

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LEARN SPELL Here is a macro designed to make the process of learning a spell easy. &nbsp;If you have any of the proficiencies listed, roll checks beforehand, and add up the bonus. &nbsp;Then, select your cumulative bonus on the dropdown menu. &nbsp;Have a nice day. :D /me THE LEVEL @{level} @{race} @{class} @{kit} ATTEMPTS TO LEARN THE ?{WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE SPELL?} SPELL! /r 1D100&lt;[[(?{IF YOU ARE A SPECIALIST IS THIS SPELL IN YOUR SPECIALTY?|NOT A SPECIALIST, 0| THIS IS MY SPECIALTY, 15|NOT MY SPECIALTY, -15}+({(@{intchance})+?{BONUS TO LEARN A SPELL FOR SUCCESSFUL RESEARCH SCRIBE AND OR THAUMATURGY PROFICIENCIES|0|5|10|15}}))]]

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Inspired by this thread, I created a macro to access all the save info on the currently available AD&D 2nd edtion sheet. It can be copy/pasted as is if used with that sheet specifically. Saving throw&nbsp;drop down list macro for quick bar/token action: /em saves vs. ?{Which ability?|Paralyzation, Paralyzation- wanting no less than [[@{partar}+(@{parmod})]]|Poison, Poison - wanting no less than [[@{partar}+(@{parmod})]]|Death Magic, Death Magic - wanting no less than [[@{partar}+(@{parmod})]]|Rod/Staff/Wand,Rod/Staff/Wand - wanting no less than [[@{rodtar}+(@{rodmod})]]|Petrification/Polymorph,Petrification/Polymorph - wanting no less than [[@{pettar}+(@{petmod})]]|Breath Weapon,Breath Weapon - wanting no less than [[@{breathtar}+(@{breathmod})]]|Spells,Spells - wanting no less than [[@{sptar}+(@{spmod})]]} and rolling: [[1d20?{Any misc. bonus? (please include + or -)|+0}]]

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