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Fire HD Support

Long-time member of roll20 and just purchased my Amazon Fire HD tablet.  Wondering if there's any plans to make this available from the Amazon store, or at least the availability to the APK?  If you guys haven't looked into this yet, its actually easy and free to make your APK available on the amazon app store, and over 80% of Android apps work without modification, at least according to their information. Its a wide market with a lot of customers you should try to not miss out on.  =) If that, for some reason, isn't in your plans, at least make the APK available so we Fire users can Sideload the app.  (That means putting the APK on my computer or cloud drive, and simply downloading it to my phone - or in some cases, even a direct link installation). I'm aware this topic was brought up previously, but the other topic was 2 months old so it wouldn't let me reply to add my additional desire for Amazon Fire support.  So, here's a new one - thanks.

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IIRC, I tried sideloading it onto my Fire when the app was in beta testing (and I had easy access to the APK), and it didn't work. That was some time ago and it was during beta, though, so things could have changed since then. (For example, during beta I successfully loaded the app on my Razr MAXX phone, and now it won't work.)