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Recycle Bin for the Journal/Selecting Multiple Journal Entries

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The Storyteller
Sheet Author
I find it would be convenient to be able to select multiple journal entries/handouts using "Ctrl+Select" or "Shift+Select". Being able to edit or move several items at once would be useful for a lot of people, I imagine. Perhaps even adding a recycle bin to move things out of the Archive, or several duplicated hand outs, for example, to delete those journal entries from the campaign entirely. This seems to be some pretty basic functionality that the majority of computers use daily, and those of us with extensive documentation in our campaigns would make great use of when it comes time to "clean house and reorganize".

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This may be months old, but this needs top priority as a feature. This cannot be stressed enough! Deleting one at a time is cumbersome, and the more you repeat the same action, the more a browser keeps trying to load the action, causing a bit of lag, which also delays the deletion speed. This shouldn't be like this!
+1 this. Mass deletion is critical, because when you are cleaning up an old adventure, it's because you're lagging and you need to delete a BUNCH of stuff at once. Perhaps have a Deletion tool where you can check off sheets/handouts or even entire folders to allow them to be deleted. Or even just allow a folder to be deleted with all its contents. This would be a huge organizational help.
Please... make this a reality.. for all that is holy... or not i don't care just give us a deletion t ool xD
+1 i'm running into shape tester overload and want to bulk delete them
Why is this still not a feature? It's absolutely ridiculous. I have like 40 handouts I need to delete, and it's such a pain doing it one at a time. Why can't we also delete all handouts within a specific folder? Absolutely ridiculous.
Yeah, roll20 team, please get on this. Going one at a time is so, so, so time consuming.
+397821910, not just +1.

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+1 for mass delete of pages, handouts, characters, archives, etc.  Takes so long to get anything done with one at a time rate! Thanks! Oh, and when I right click to delete, and the confirm window opens, I should be able to hit enter for continue delete, instead of each time moving mouse back over to click confirm.. Enter key should do that for me to speed things up!
+1 for everything said above.
The Storyteller
Sheet Author
This would still be a great convenience to the community.
Would love this as a feature!
+1. Would like to see this. Would be supper helpful.
+1 for me as well. I only even found this thread because I was googling for answer on how to move multiple journal items in one go, as per any other database with folder-based functionality. 
+1 on this, multi select on handouts would be amazing
+1 I hope this goes through as a feature cause trying to delete a ton of old handouts on a laptop hurts me
+1 for this features.  I've so far spent about 5 hours deleting stuff from this campaign and I'm still not done.  Any way of mass deletion would be a godsend.
How is this still not a thing... This is crucial to running smoothly between meetups, theres too much clutter when trying to run a huge campaign.
Zack C. said: How is this still not a thing... This is crucial to running smoothly between meetups, theres too much clutter when trying to run a huge campaign. +1
+1 axe of agreement
Zack C. said: How is this still not a thing... This is crucial to running smoothly between meetups, theres too much clutter when trying to run a huge campaign. +1

Edited 1543340763
+1 insane that this STILL isn't a thing.... More insane than the set of laughable icons!! EDIT: and to make it even more can select and delete multiple things from the art library!
What Kirk said. add me to the +1 on this idea.
Please! +1
+1 for multiple select and move
+1 if I cannot spam this hundreds of times over. Roll20 glitched my game. All the PCs and NPCs were wiped clean and it practically vomited all the monsters, items, classes, and races items out of their folders. My entire journal is screwed over and I would love a multi-select or a mass-purge function. Please... I want to salvage my game.
+1 insane that this STILL isn't a thing....
The Storyteller
Sheet Author
Come on everyone! Tell your friends! Let's make this happen!
The Storyteller said: Come on everyone! Tell your friends! Let's make this happen! Wow. This a three-year-old suggestion. Hell, it predates folders in roll20. I've already told all my friends about this. It would be an enormous boon to any longstanding campaign.
We really need this feature! I hate having to clear out 75 items one at a time and clicking a few hundred times!
we absolutely need this feature
+1 I even poked around in the API until I read that the API can't access the folder structure :/
+1 Got like 200 monster sheets I need to delete that I am going to do by hand. Please don't let others go through my pain.
AGAIN with the bump. So years ago, I went through the into roll20 youtube-vids on creating a character sheet, with all the nifty hyperlinks... those same effing hyperlinks are cluttering my folders, and I want them gone. The "new" sheets (to me, anyway, I am a curmudgeon about lots of things!), mean you don't need these hyperlinks... blah, blah, BLAH! can we PLEASE get a select multiple/delete multiple option?
This should take priority after game breaking bugs. Before any new features or updates to the compendium. There needs to be a fix to the file system in roll20. We need mass deletion capability in the journal. Also, if I delete a folder, give me an option to delete everything in that folder and not just spill it all out into the root journal section like the exxon valdez spilling oil (old comparison, but still works). It's true that this is basic stuff that won't bring in more members, but its something that contributes to member retention.
+1 my biggest problem with the system rn
+1 to this please get it sorted
+1 guys
I recently created 30 characters as map info items and I know I'm going to regret it because I will want to delete them after my players run through the map.  I would love to be able to delete the whole folder at once.
Robert D.
Sheet Author
+1 Ditto. I'm often needing to delete large groups of items.
+1 to this feature. I just added the Tactical Maps reincarnated addon to my main campaign, and found you have to delete every item manually since removing the addon doesn't remove its components from your campaign... So now I have to spend 10 minutes manually deleting everything! Madness that something like this hasn't been implemented yet 3 years after the first request.
+1 To the feature. It's pretty bizarre that Roll20 doesn't have this already. It's a no-brainer. Can we get the feature added please? Looks like folks have been waiting for years, and paying for years.
Big fan if this idea, and if possible an option to remove a number of handouts from player's Journals would be neat. 
Why isn't this a feature yet?!