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iPad Pro

Any plans to update the iOS app to support the iPad Pro's larger screen?
Hi Michael - Thanks for the feedback, our dev team recently got one of the new iPad Pro's and we will be taking a look at this new version soon and will certainly make adjustments where necessary. If you have any specific feedback on what needs to be adjusted for the larger screen, please let us know.
The most significant thing, besides screen size adjustments, is the multi-tasking/split screen support.  I'm going to switch between PDFs, Trello, and Roll20 during a game, and being able to have 2 out of 3 of those on screen at any moment (Roll20 and Trello mostly) is going to be killer for me. I've poked around, and it looks like at least one of the character sheets (Dragon Age) displays a little oddly.  I've got a game this weekend so I'll have a chance to trial by fire and get back to you with any additional feedback. Thanks for the heads up, looking forward to it.
Yeah, multitasking is going to be killer.  Thanks.