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Colored Dynamic Lighting


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My campaigns would really benefit from colored lighting. We're currently running Out of the Abyss, which takes place completely in the underdark, and I'd love to be able to simulate the different phosphorescent lighting effects. It takes away the mood a bit when all the lights underground are the same as above. Auras don't really work the same way, and just give a hard line instead of a soft lighting effect. Really, I'd just like to option to change the color of the light that an object emits, still with the brightness/dimness features. You can even set up darkvision to be black and white, with each character producing "gray" light.  Colored dynamic lighting would just be awesome, and I'd really like to see it implemented in the future. 
I'd really enjoy this too, in my sci fi game being able to have emergency lighting tinted red, or firelight a orange shade would add a lot to some of my maps.
Exactly! I didn't even think of a sci-fi setting, but ambient colored lighting would be great for that, too. Like exploring a darkened spaceship, with a strange red glow coming from around a corner.  It could really add a lot.
I know i'm a bit late to this, but i was just looking into trying to do this myself. This would be a great feature to add :)
Coloured lighting would be great. Not just for sci-fi settings but for all sorts of fantasy settings too. 
In the meantime, you can simulate the effects with transparent colored graphics made using gimp or photoshop. Takes a little more work but it is worth it.

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I do most of this in photoshop, but would love to see this feature implemented into the dynamic lighting!

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I'd love to see this feature added, but I bet it wouldn't be easy to add. I believe the line of sight/dynamic lighting is in essence a mask placed over the graphics. The mask is covering the image, not modifying it. Tinted lighting would definitely make it easy to reuse maps as a simple change in lighting can make a setting look completely different.
I make coloured light by putting an aura on light object. It is not a perfect solution but it gives a good feel. Works especially well for creatures that don't have their own light source. The one problem with it is the aura is not stopped by dynamic lighting walls so you can end up with a coloured circle outside of where you want it.

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Ada L.
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I was pointed to here from a duplicate thread. There, I did some rambling about GLSL math that could be used to implement this sort of feature in WebGL. Reposting it here: This would be yet another thing that could get done if Roll20 had that Canvas/WebGL developer they've been looking for. It wouldn't be too hard for them to do using some mathemagic with some lights in a GLSL shader. Just associate each light source with a color instead of using pure white light, then multiply the shaded pixel colors by the normalized light source color with scaling for dim light. In the case of areas where multiple light sources overlap, the light's colors are additive to each other. The darkvision is yet another thing that would be somewhat easy to do in a GLSL shader. Just have a boolean uniform (really a uint with a value of either 0 or 1) to turn it on or off. If it's on, then for pixels not in bright light, compute the grayscale color G for that pixel. Then let alpha = the dim lighting coefficient as a value in the range [0, 1], where 1 indicates bright light and 0 indicates darkness. Let C be the shaded color for that pixel. Finally, let the final color F = (1.0 - alpha) * G + C.
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Stephen, you should re-submit your application to the powers that be...  ;-)

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Ada L.
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Vince said: Stephen, you should re-submit your application to the powers that be...  ;-) Heh, I actually did submit an application to them for that position last Thursday. Haven't heard back yet from the power that be though.
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I'd like to upvte this as well - in my sci-fi game, somebody wanted to throw a glowstick down a hole - would have been awesome to make a green glowing light source..  I do see there might be an issue with mixing colors of overlapping lights...
I too would like to vote for this. I found this thread while searching to see if such a feature had been considered. Alternatively, if we could have the ability to set a sprite's blend mode (say, to screen, multiply, what have you) we could build much more interesting effects. And I'm sure the marketplace creators would go nuts with such powers.
Late to the party, but upvoting all the same. For example, I'm gonna run my players through a completely dark hallway with just the light of the entry room and an exit sign at the very far end providing any illumination. Having the sickly green color the module describes it as being their only light in this ocean of black would be amazing to have fully visualized.
I'd definitely upvote this. I've come across several different situations that colored lighting would be fantastic!
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Up vote!
API Scripter
One other thing I can think of is being able to vary a light source color by API, especially considering special effects and the new .gif and animated images potentially coming. We know some color manipulation is possible based on the desaturated effects of advanced fog of war combined with dynamic lighting; consider a flickering candle .gif lit with a variable yellow orange source... 
Bumped and upvoted. Also, can we combine these votes with the ones in this thread?
Gen Kitty
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There is no way to combine votes.  All you can do is earnestly ask everyone to support one or other other and hope people switch their votes.
Yep yep! Eerie blue lighting from consoles or red emergency lights would be amazing!
I need some green colored light, so I'm upvoting this
We need this
Sadly, since people have been asking for this for at least 6 years now, I just don't see it coming.

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Andreas J.
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Kyle E. said: Sadly, since people have been asking for this for at least 6 years now, I just don't see it coming. The whole system will receive a complete rework out next week, that will make easier to create new features for DL/AFoW in general. So I'd say this will change things quite a bit. Edit: A New Light was pushed back to April 8th, so not next week. Cavni said: With a release focused on a feature as popular as Dynamic Lighting we want to ensure we've gotten it to an optimal place to release to a larger audience. As such, A New Light will now launch on April 8, 2020. We’re fully committed to launching Updated Dynamic Lighting on April 8, and grateful to all you folks who have continued to help us test this feature on the Dev Server!
+1 I think that this could be great for different environments like lava riddled cave or maybe even night time depending on how its done. could also be cool for glow purple/other colour crystals.
+1. Would be nice. Could see this working with Faerie Fire for battles in darkness and such, as well as different colored light. An area in my campaign is going to have different colored torches, so it'd be nice if I could one day make them radiate their actual light colors.
API Scripter
Any update on release of this? Thanks for updating us!

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Hello all- With this week's update to Updated Dynamic Lighting , we've released a change to Night Vision which allows for a tint. While this is not specifically address this Suggestion, I wanted to bring it up so I might be able to get feedback on how this might work for the people in this thread.
The nightvision tint is very cool. However, I want to stress that it does not address the point of this thread. We need to be able to tint the light from light sources - and just as important, we need to be able to tint the shadows and adjust opacity. 
Brian C.
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Kenton said: Hello all- With this week's update to Updated Dynamic Lighting , we've released a change to Night Vision which allows for a tint. While this is not specifically address this Suggestion, I wanted to bring it up so I might be able to get feedback on how this might work for the people in this thread. I really think tinting is the wrong way to go, both for UDL night vision and for colored dynamic lighting, unless it is heavily reworked from the scenario we have at the moment where two tokens with night vision completely blot out the map for the GM. In the end, both colored dynamic lighting and night vision likely should use the same underlying technology, but the tinting of UDL's night vision as it currently stands darkens what a token sees, which is the opposite of what light should do. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that each light source is applied independently to the page. Guessing by the nature of the problems with the current implementation of UDL's night vision, it looks like each light source is being handled independently, incrementally tinting what is on the page. This is the wrong implementation for night vision as well as for colored dynamic lighting. Light sources should be blended, as in this demo. Clicking the question mark in the upper-right corner of the demo tells you how to change the type, direction, color, and intensity of the lights.&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> All of the lights combine to present the final image. For example, magenta and green light combine to make white light. Dynamic lighting should similarly be blending all the light sources visible to a player before applying them to the page. This should happen in several stages: bright light, dim light, and night vision. Vision blocking walls can be processed once per light source for all three stages. Each light source adds the light that is visible to one of the player tokens to a light map for that portion of the vision. The bright lights combine into a bright light map. The dim lights combine into a dim light map, and any night vision is combined into a night vision light map. The light maps are then combined. Illuminated portions of the bright light map overwrite the dim light map, and the combined light map overwrites the night vision light map. This combined light map represents everything a player can currently see through all of their tokens both in color and intensity (dim vs bright). Since it represents what a token can see, it also represents what should be cleared from fog of war. A 1-bit light map can be retained between frames to represent the cleared fog of war. The page is rendered in the desaturated fog of war, the black from the fog of war is placed over that, and the combined light map is applied to the elements on the page (map, tokens, etc.) and drawn over that. This combination of elements gives us properly colored dynamic lighting and avoids problems like the dark circles at the edge of light sources and night vision that we are currently seeing in the UDL beta.
Nice! This even has a working example of how to do it. Really hope this gets implemented!
Just wanted to upvote this as well. I want to have a magic circle emit red or blue light so when my players open a door for a dramatic reveal they get a bit of "ooh, ahh!" from the light of the glowing red circle suddenly flooding the hallways.
+1 on this
Yes indeed. A big+1 on this.&nbsp;
+1 Foundry has all the things I want with lighting but I have spent so much on Roll20 I want to stay loyal and don't want to move
+1 Tint on Darkvision works wonderfully. I wish for Tint on Dim Light (so that my 5e players can clearly see where they get disadvantage from) and Tint on Bright Light (for the cool effects we could do)
+1 We need to be able to discern Bright and Dim light as well as give the light colors.
+1 Green lights for eldritch spookiness, blue lights for ghosts and other spooks, orange for warm campfires. I'd love this.
I'm just in map working and searching for this feature. It's much more interesting do dinamic lights in Roll20 then painting in map. But needs light color to be weel done and put some atmosfere!
Op from 4 years ago, people still +ing it... I wish they would listen to us sometimes.
The ability to alter the color of a light source is a worthwhile feature that will hopefully be added in the future. Think of how neat it would be to encounter bluish bioluminescent fungi on the walls of a cavern!&nbsp;
After using FoundryVTT, this is a must!