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[Script] Herbalism for D&D 5e based on fan-made content


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This is my first script submission. Code: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... Based on this fan-made supplement: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... Details: - run the command !herbalism [terrain-type] to randomly generate found herbalism ingredients - run the command !herbalism-help to see the list of terrain types supported Update v0.2 - moved to new subfolder, but left v0.1 behind in original location just in case. - added default template formatting - option to send output in whisper or public - option for auto-rerolling Bloodgrass - option for auto-rolling Common ingredients - bug and typo fixes - changed apiCommand to !herbs Code:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... Use, share, and customize to your hearts content. Feedback welcome.
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Cool stuff; thanks for sharing!
The Aaron
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API Scripter
This one's def going on the&nbsp; API Spotlight list ! Thanks!
I love this script and the original supplement! I'm using both from now on.&nbsp; I've taken the liberty of making a nice macro to supplement this script you've made: !herbalism ?{What biome?|Arctic, arctic|Coastal, underwater|Desert, desert|Forest, forest|Grasslands, grasslands|Hills, hills|Mountain, mountain|Swamp, swamp|Underdark, underdark|Underwater, underwater|Common, common}

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i also made sum macros to make the rolls for the players (shaped sheet) Poisoner’s Kit (Wis) @{selected|output_option} &{template:5eDefault} {{ability=1}} {{character_name=@{selected|character_name}}} @{selected|show_character_name} {{title=Poisoner’s Kit (Wis)}} {{subheader=Tool Check}} {{rollname=Result}} {{roll=[[d20@{selected|d20_mod} + @{selected|PB}[proficiency]+@{selected|Wisdom_mod}[attribute]]]}} {{rolladv=[[d20@{selected|d20_mod} + @{selected|PB}[proficiency]+@{selected|Wisdom_mod}[attribute]]]}} Poisoner’s Kit (Int) @{selected|output_option} &{template:5eDefault} {{ability=1}} {{character_name=@{selected|character_name}}} @{selected|show_character_name} {{title=Poisoner’s Kit (Int)}} {{subheader=Tool Check}} {{rollname=Result}} {{roll=[[d20@{selected|d20_mod} + @{selected|PB}[proficiency]+@{selected|intelligence_mod}[attribute]]]}} {{rolladv=[[d20@{selected|d20_mod} + @{selected|PB}[proficiency]+@{selected|intelligence_mod}[attribute]]]}} Alchemist’s Supplies (Wis) @{selected|output_option} &{template:5eDefault} {{ability=1}} {{character_name=@{selected|character_name}}} @{selected|show_character_name} {{title=Alchemist’s Supplies (Wis)}} {{subheader=Tool Check}} {{rollname=Result}} {{roll=[[d20@{selected|d20_mod} + @{selected|PB}[proficiency]+@{selected|Wisdom_mod}[attribute]]]}} {{rolladv=[[d20@{selected|d20_mod} + @{selected|PB}[proficiency]+@{selected|Wisdom_mod}[attribute]]]}} Alchemist’s Supplies (Int) @{selected|output_option} &{template:5eDefault} {{ability=1}} {{character_name=@{selected|character_name}}} @{selected|show_character_name} {{title=Alchemist’s Supplies (Int)}} {{subheader=Tool Check}} {{rollname=Result}} {{roll=[[d20@{selected|d20_mod} + @{selected|PB}[proficiency]+@{selected|intelligence_mod}[attribute]]]}} {{rolladv=[[d20@{selected|d20_mod} + @{selected|PB}[proficiency]+@{selected|intelligence_mod}[attribute]]]}} Herbalism Kit (Wis) @{selected|output_option} &{template:5eDefault} {{ability=1}} {{character_name=@{selected|character_name}}} @{selected|show_character_name} {{title=Herbalism Kit (Wis)}} {{subheader=Tool Check}} {{rollname=Result}} {{roll=[[d20@{selected|d20_mod} + @{selected|PB}[proficiency]+@{selected|Wisdom_mod}[attribute]]]}} {{rolladv=[[d20@{selected|d20_mod} + @{selected|PB}[proficiency]+@{selected|Wisdom_mod}[attribute]]]}} Herbalism Kit (Int) @{selected|output_option} &{template:5eDefault} {{ability=1}} {{character_name=@{selected|character_name}}} @{selected|show_character_name} {{title=Herbalism Kit (Int)}} {{subheader=Tool Check}} {{rollname=Result}} {{roll=[[d20@{selected|d20_mod} + @{selected|PB}[proficiency]+@{selected|intelligence_mod}[attribute]]]}} {{rolladv=[[d20@{selected|d20_mod} + @{selected|PB}[proficiency]+@{selected|intelligence_mod}[attribute]]]}}
Just wanted to chime in, thanks for this! I've been using the supplement without it, and it was getting tedious. So, this will make it much easier!
Compendium Curator
Glad you found it useful
So, this is really great, how hard would it be to add a parameter that whispers to the player of a selected token?