There's a new (small) update out on Main this afternoon for all users. In particular: Character Sheets have received a big speed boost, especially for games using some of the "heavier" sheets (like the Community and Shaped 5E sheets, the Pathfinder sheet, etc.), or games with lots (tens of thousands) of Attributes. In one test case that was taking 7 seconds just to open on my own computer, the speed gains reduced that time down to 1.5 seconds. There are also bug fixes out for Character Sheets utilizing the new Sheet Workers in conjunction with repeating sections. In particular, it should now be less likely that "incorrect" rows will be created by mistake. Thanks! In addition, if you missed it, we put out a bunch of major new features relating to the 5th Edition SRD, including our new Compendium and 5th Edition OGL sheet. You can read more about that over here:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>