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Modifing macros with other macros?

Okay I'm running a shadowrun campaign and I'm trying to set up a macro for a skill roll that does the following. First it checks the skills of the character as such. /r (@{Agility} +@{Unarmed} +?{Modifier|0} )d6>5 Then I want to use another macro that does a math only function called #WoundPpenalty that does, /r (floor(@{Physical DMG} /3) + floor(@{Stun DMG} /3)) and subtract it from the number of D6 rolled as is standard with Shadowrun 4e wound modifiers. Anyone have a solution for this? Thanks in advance for looking at it.
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How do you want the two Macros interact?  - Gauss
I want the WoundPenalty to subtract from the number of dice rolled that is figured in the first macro. So @Agility = 4 and @Unarmed = 5 so total of 9 dice - the WoundPenalty of 3, it would then roll 6D6.

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Try this. Not sure it works, haven't tested /r [[@{Agility} +@{Unarmed} +?{Modifier|0} - floor(@{Physical DMG} /3) - floor(@{Stun DMG} /3)]]d6>5 That might do what you want it to do. Maybe. Honestly not quite sure why you want two macros for that.

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Ok, I see what you are trying to do now.  If I understand correctly you want the following macro:  Macro body:  /r (@{Agility} +@{Unarmed} +?{Modifier|0} )d6>5 Query input:  #WoundPenalty Query output: (floor(@{Physical DMG} /3) + floor(@{Stun DMG} /3)) Total output: /r (@{Agility} +@{Unarmed} + (floor(@{Physical DMG} /3) + floor(@{Stun DMG} /3)) )d6>5 If this is correct then the answer is, you cannot put a macro into a query since the query will not recognize a macro. However, by turning the query into a switch (0 or 1) you can do this: New Macro body: /r [[@{Agility} +@{Unarmed} -?{Switch|0}*(floor(@{Physical DMG}/3)+floor(@{Sun DMG}/3))]]d6>5 The macro above will allow you to turn on/off the damage attributes. A "0" is off while a "1" is on.  - Gauss
Thanks for the prompt reply! This is a sweet setup, I just got the one year supporter subscription!!
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Is my suggested macro going to work for you? - Gauss
Sorry been real busy IRL and haven't had a chance to game, I know terrible. Yes your macro did work and we have also come up with some options of our own. Thanks for your help.
/r [[?{Dicepool|0}-(floor(@{Character_Name|PhysTrack} /3)+floor(@{Character_Name|StunTrack}/3))]]d6>5 This works flawlessly, thanks! Is there any way to tie it into the following formating: /em Character_Name gets [[roll]] hits for ?{Action} For some reason I keep failing at this.
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Nico, at this time you cannot put an inline roll inside another inline roll which means that you cannot put the above /roll you listed into an emote with an inline roll component. - Gauss
Ok, thanks again! /roll and /em separately will do, then.