If you are experiencing technical issues with Roll20 being broken in a major way (e.g. nothing shows up on your maps), please follow these instructions: https://wiki.roll20.net/Solving_Technical_Issues --- Bug reports are a crucial part of the beta process. We want your help in making sure that everything works as it should across a wide variety of setups. If you've found something that doesn't seem quite right (or doesn't function as advertised), please let us know by submitting a new post in the Bug Reports forum. If possible, please follow this format: Detailed Description of the Problem Steps to Reproduce the Problem Description of Your Setup (Browser + Version, Operating System, etc.) (A good place to get that info if you don't know it: http://supportdetails.com/ ) You can also include screenshots by using the "Attach a File" link when submitting a post. The more information you can give us, the better able we'll be to fix the issue promptly! Thanks!