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Grav Bikes.


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G'day guys.  Because I'm one of those people who needs to be able to visualize things when I play, I've been wondering what those grav bikes look like. From what I've read they're stealthy - so I figured black. Someone said they were fully enclosed? I came across this image: It's got that black stealthy look about it. I also figured that panels on the front would slide up and over the rider when in "stealth mode". Otherwise the heat signature of the rider would make being stealthy a bit pointless. Unless you guys already had ideas about what the bikes looked like? 
The Imperium model with dual Advanced Support Weapon Lasers is 3 m^3 and not enclosed. It's been heavily modded: Heavily Customized Military Grav-Cycle (p. 61 of Military Vehicles) Military Grav-Cycle TL12 (92275) Grav-Cycle Upgrades Controls Advanced Controls TL8 (10000 + 10% of base price) Hardened Security 3 Specialized Computer 3 TL12 (2750) + Security 3 TL12 (20000) + Intelligent Interface 1 TL11 (100) Autopilot 3 TL15 (2000 + 5000/skill level) Computer Encrypted Orbital Radio Transceiver Comms TL6@TL12 (2000) Hull Mods Electrostatic Armor TL9 (1000) Anti-Sensor Stealth TL14 (200000) Visual Camouflage TL14 (300000) Infrared Camouflage TL14 (100000) Weapons Laser Support Weapon (24000) Sensors Basic Sensors TL14 (17000) Battle Computer TL9 (100000) Obviously, with the open cockpit, you need Armor that goes invisible to not give away the stealth. Charoux has that. The Darrian Grav Cycle, at 10 m^3, is fully-enclosed, and while it doesn't go invisible, it does have a Stealth Coating; we'll fix the visibility soon enough.
So for the Imperial grav bike are we talking about one of these fellas?
Not entirely sure; quite possibly. Remember, it's the military version, not the civilian one.

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So ... "military version" = pained khaki and had a gun bolted onto it? Just kidding. Even on one planet you'd probably have a countless number of different models. And on an uncountable number of worlds I'm sure you're going to get a lot of different designs floating around. Unless it's Ling Standard Products I guess? They make everything the same right? This one is kinda "military". It has a picnic basket for those long ops out in the J. (That was another joke by the way).  
Well, that's one way to go Waltzing Matilda, I guess. Reminds me a bit of this, though: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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Just putting this here for reference. (copy and paste from Darrian Alien Module) Stat's for Charoux's bike is already posted above.&nbsp; Grav Bikes The ubiquitous personal transport on Darrian worlds, grav bikes are fast and manoeuvrable. Fairings dynamically reshape to control aerodynamic flow and act as spoilers for slowing or rapid changes of direction. If a power failure occurs, the fairings return to a default wing configuration, allowing the bike to glide to the ground. Ejector seats are included for circumstances where no safe landing spot can be found. Grav Bikes include life support for high altitude flying and are capable of reaching orbit. Military versions of Grav Bikes are slightly bigger, built around a chassis mounted weapon. Grav Bike – Military (Cr. 740,000) TL: 15 Drive Type: Grav Configuration: Cycle 10m3 Construction: Crystaliron Qualities: Sealed, Stealth Coating Agility: +4 Speed: Cruise 1,590kph, Top 2,120kph Fuel: 20 hours Armour: 18 Hull: 2 Structure: 2 Crew: 1 Passengers: 0 Cargo: None Weapons: PGMP-14 (12d6, +6 Auto) Equipment: 500km Laser/Radio Comm Airflow Devices Basic Life Support Chaff Ejector Seat Excellent Sensors (Compact, Hardened) Improved Controls Precision Drive (Edited to include equipment and description, fixed the description to just say "weapon" rather than it's autocannon VRF gauss garbltygoog.)&nbsp;
Yeah, that’s it, complete with the PGMP... Pretty sure that “Stealth Coating” means radar stealth, not camo. I suspect it’s so big on account of the sensors, and mostly on account of poor game design there. Still don’t get why there’s no Cargo or Passenger space, though.

Edited 1461420510
Does it have a beefy engine? That could explain the size. It does have a pretty good top speed.&nbsp; EDIT: Yeah I just checked. The Imperial bike has&nbsp;Cruise: 874 kph Top: 1,166 kph. The Darrian bike is almost twice that. It's a beast. The big down side of the Darrian bike is that you can't put your mole on the back. She has to walk.&nbsp;
Yes, it’s a good deal faster, but that still doesn’t quite explain the size discrepancy, at least according to the vehicle build rules; that I could tell, anyway.

Edited 1461537768
Is it the wings that take up all the room? I haven't really looked at the vehicle creation rules too closely.&nbsp; Maybe the Basic Life Support is what takes up the all the room?
Yeah just been checking the vehicle creation rules. Looks like the extra speed requires a much bigger power plant. That could explain the larger size.&nbsp; Also, the description gives the impression that they were "Lets give it an autocannon ... no wait ... a VRF Gauss ... no wait ... let's make it a PGMP". Autocannons and VRFs take up a couple of M^3 so they may have originally made the bike big to accommodate it. PGMP is much smaller though. So maybe it should have some spare room? Probably easier to take it as is though. Otherwise we'd have to rebuild it from scratch to find out what it's real specs are. &nbsp;