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[Script] ExperienceTracker 2.01


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Kasper K.
API Scripter
Been using a script like this for a year without issues, so thought I would make a more user-friendly version for general use. It does what it says on the tin. Tracks xp and divide it by the size of the party. Currently by having the value in a sheet called ExperienceTracker. When the value gets over a certain threshold it announces that the party has levelled up. This value is also set in the ExperienceTracker. If you use the monsters form the OGL, a good way to use the script is to make a macro with: !xp @{selected|npc_xp } Simply press it when the selected monster dies. The party gets xp and the GM don't have to calculate a thing. As a bonus if you don't use xp, it's very easy to hack it into a gold manager instead :) link
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter

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Is there a way to manually add a set amount of Xp that will auto-calculate it still? Like if you grant extra XP for something, or if your using a homebrewed monster, etc?  Nevermind I found it :) great script by the way