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Veteran D20 player looking for pathfinder campain.

I'm looking for specificaly a pathfinder, or homebrew close enough to pathfinder campaign. Cant be monday nights, several years expericne as a dm and a player, will be starting my own campain once i get my new laptop in October. Preferably starting above level 1.  I love a good story, but "ok you start with nothing but scraps and let me introduce you to your antagonist that your too much of a maggot to contest right now, so follow this liniar plot in hopes you will reach a level that you can outclass a common town guard before the campain falls apart." gets a little old after a while. Im pretty laid back and friendly to my fellow players and dm and enjoy a wide variety of rolls. -Rin
I know a guy named Notics L. is looking for people in a Saturday morning campaign for pathfinder. I'd pm him if your interested.  
Hes not showing up on PM search.
that would be due to the fact that I misspelled his name Noctis L. is the right way my bad.

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<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Looking for some people. We are probably going to be playing at Saturday 11 PM EDT&gt;
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