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[LFP] 4E D&D -- #Roll20CON


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System: 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Session length: 4-5 hours Starting Level: 1 Style: Layed back, but responsive. I really care about players and my setting. LFG link : HERE Character Generation: You can show up early and I'll work with helping you make a particular character. General pregens are also welcome. I can also help find you a pregen if you need one. Setting: Dark Fantasy. Hub based. West Marches inspired sandbox. Level of Experience : New players are always welcome! Side Note: I'm very experienced working with new players in one shot games. I love meeting new people and while I can't promise I'll be perfect I do promise to try my best.
Hi there!  I was wondering if this will be a one shot type of game or a steady going game? Also what time/time zone? :)
It'll be at 1:00 pm est on Friday. 
And it's part of the event so it'll just be a 1 shot game.