HERO System damage rolls

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I don't see support for HERO damage rolls. I suggest the following: Normal 10d6hn would produce "stun X, body Y" Normal Body 10d6hnb would produce the amount of body. Normal Stun 10d6hns would produce the amount of stun. Killing 3d6hnk would produce "Stun X, Body Y", assuming 1d3 roll for stun. Add a ! to add +1 to the stun dice and !! to subtract -1 to the stun dice. 1/2 Dice Support 1.5d6 represents 1 1/2 dice. Half dice read as 1-3 pips (half the face of a d6, round up) and body is 0 on a 1 to 3, and 1 on a 4 to 6.
Surely this should be possible.  The system for calculating successes and failures will display all the dice rolled and automatically calculate the overall success or failure. Surely it should be reasonably simple to provide some commands that would show the sum of the dice (STUN) followed by the number of dice rolled added to the overall number of successes (BODY).  Is this really impossible to hack using the system as is?? Stephen
Yeah, we would love something like this adding to the dice roller. Also an inclusion of the Knockback effect as well.
B Simon Smith
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You could make macros for these.
I don't believe there is a way to generate 2 values from a single set of dice rolls. Stun = total pips  Body= 1 point per 2-5 rolled and 2 points per 6 rolled. so 3d6 rolling 2,5,6 gives 13 Stun and 4 Body.
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I created a script to handle  Champions/HERO dice rolls a while back. It could be useful for the Pro users here.