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[LFG] D&D 5e Campaign [Experienced Player]


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About Me I have about a crap load of time in Roll20, and 95% of it is in DMing.  Given that I DM two games a week and still have real life things to do, i'd be interest in one or two games during the week but it must fit in my availability (below). I'm usually a detailed person, I play well with others and usually am fairly light-hearted.  Life is already very serious, so I can get a little silly here and there, but appreciate some seriousness, when it's called for. Below is when i'm available and what i'm expecting out of a game. Availability This is the time and date i'm available I'd like to play: Any Weekday (except Friday) Between 6:00pm and 12:00pm Eastern Standard Time Preferences Here's things I'd prefer, but are in no way hard stops. The Game 1. Is a somewhat consistent campaign - not one off style 2. Is preferably ran by the same GM(s) - consistency is nice 3. Starts and ends at my available times 4. Uses Voice for RP - preferably Skype, Google Hangouts  5. Is any level range The Party 1. Has more depth than just "kill sh*t, steal sh*t". 2. Is somewhat consistent  3. Is 18+, or with 'mature' players The Rules 1. Not Rule ninjas, but does follow core as much as possible --   2. Is accepting of homebrew  - I have a class i'd like to play, but this isn't a hard requirement for me (it's also not overpowered) The Setting I love new and interesting settings to play in, especially if you have a lot of lore available, however I have NO preference for your game style but obviously has to have the D&D feel to it, and still fantasy.   Contact Me If you think i'd be a good fit in your campaign please PM me.
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