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&{Tracker} working now?


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I'm using the following macro: @{Selected|Token_name} - [[1d20 + @{Selected|Dex Bonus}]] &{tracker} And I know this was working on my other PC but now we're getting ready to start a game and it's not working at all? I thought at first it might have to do with running in a hangout (which I wasn't when I first wrote & tested it) but doesn't seem to matter To clarify - the initiative gets rolled with pulling the Token's name and Dex Bonus but nothing gets reported to the tracker; whether I have the character already in there or not

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Forum Champion
I figured out what was wrong with your macro. The &{tracker} needs to be inside the brackets. Try this instead: @{Selected|Token_name} - [[1d20 + @{Selected|Dex Bonus} &{tracker}]] - Gauss
Thanks Gauss, that fixed it!